The Forest Campaigns’ Network was formed on February 28, 2011 to speak with one voice to keep our forest in public hands and publicly run by the Forestry Commission.

Many may have thought that after the Government made its U-turn following a massive public outcry against the disposal of our forests that the many campaigns that sprang up would have packed up and gone home victorious.

But while the Government dumped its consultation and the forestry clauses in the Public Bodies Bill, it has failed to give any indication of ditching its policy of privatisation – which we view as a land grab from the people. It is also pressing ahead with plans to decimate the Forestry Commission (with a quarter – up to 500 - staff jobs set to go), and is setting up an “independent” (but Government-appointed) panel to review the future of the public forest estate.

We have yet to hear of anyone with an interest in keeping our forests public being invited on to the panel – that includes our forests’ inhabitants and frequent users, and the half-million-plus people that have campaigned to keep our woods in public hands.

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