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Sat and Sunday - FERN / Global Foresight Days

Our Foresight Careers Weekend, Apr 13-14, 2013, is about three things: 1. Proposing and thinking up Projects we can work on together to advance our foresight careers, 2. Learning how to be better practitioners, 3. Having fun, and making new futurist friends. 

We are getting together in a group house (Diplomatic Stay hostel4907 14th Street NorthWest, Washington, DC) for the Sat and Sun morning after the Friday CSIS day, to share some of our career and life goals for the coming year, and talk about how FERN can better support us as foresight professionals. There's plenty of open time to network and share what you're doing. Come see if any of our FERN projects look interesting to help out with, and feel free to recruit your fellow futurists to help with your own non-FERN foresight-related projects as well. We are all leaders here, FERN advocates David Marquet's leader-leader organizational model. 

Weekend Capacity: Up to 28 very cool people! To reserve a spot, please RSVP on this brief form, then go to the Pay, Lodging & Travel page to WePay FERN and secure your space.

Here's our rough agenda for the weekend. Subject to change by group consensus. We encourage you to sign up for a Micro-Talk below! 
To add your Micro-Talk below:
1. Get a free gmail address (Google Account). Send your gmail.com email address to Emily so she can give you edit privileges for the site.
2. A bit later, l
og in to site ("sign in" link at bottom of page) with your google email, click "Edit page" pencil (now visible at top right of page)
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Saturday April 13
 Breakfast (make your own or share) or Mingle 
 9:30am Morning Keynote - Intro to FERN - Your Foresight Careers community. Susan Fant, Executive Director
 10:00am Primary Project Areas (volunteers always appreciated). 10 mins each:
  1. Conferences and Events: Global Foresight and FERN - Emily Medley, FERN Conferences and Events Director
  2. Fern Stakeholder Interview Project:  Our first survey of FERN users -- What they want next. - Sandjar Kozubaev, FERN Topic Researcher
  3. Social Networks, Media and Community Platform: Twitter, FB, YT, Website and Wiki etc. - Austin Cleek, FERN Social Media Director
  4. Program Outreach and Support: Foresight Grad and Certif. Progs - Karen Arvidsson, FERN Acad Dir (via Skype, from Australia)
  5. Jobs and Practitioners: Foresight Employers and Foresight Careers Community - Joshua Davis, FERN Careers Guide Editor
  6. Training: Foresight University MOOC - Maria Andersen, Dir. Learning & Research, Instructure
11:30  Group Discussion and Q&A - What are folks interested in? What are next steps? What are we missing?
 12:30pm Group Walk (local path) 
 1:00pm Lunch (local eatery) 
 2:30pm Chill time
 3:00-4:30pm Micro-TalksPitch Foresight Projects (Yours or FERNs) Needing Volunteers, Teach us Something Interesting, or Do/Lead Something Fun! 
  5 minutes each + 5 mins Q&A. Sign up below. Max 1 per person please. (We'll have a projector, if you want to present from a laptop).
  Video: If willing, we will tape your talk and if you like it, post it to the FERN YouTube channel afterwards.
 International Certificate for Future Strategist -- Fiona Wollensack - ICFS 
 3:10pm Certificates for Foresight Professionals - Jay Gary - Program Director, MA in Strategic Foresight
 3:20pm FERN/APF Mentoring Program - One-to-one Mentoring of Practitioners w/ New Grads - Chris Manfredi, FERN Topic Researcher
 3:30pm FERN Future Salon in Boston, at Cambridge Innovation Center - Sudhir Desai - Principal, Living Enterprise
 3:40pm Book Version 2.0 about Humanity Version 2.0 - Jose Cordeiro - Chair, Venezuela Node, Millennium Project & Faculty, Singularity U.
 3:50pm 10 Minute Break Time
 4:00pm Environmental Scans and Chiropractic 2025 - Trevor Thompson - Institute for Alternative Futures 
 4:10pm Global Development Futures 2030 & Caribbean Sea Futures Initiative - Claire Nelson - Ideation Leader, The Futures Forum 
 4:20pm Global Futures Intelligence System - Current and Future Plans - Jerry Glenn, Executive Director, Millennium Project
 4:30pm Foresight on Wikipedia - A worthy FERN initiative? - John Smart, FERN Fundraising Director
 4:40-5:40pm Prepare Group Dinner - sign up for meals and clean-up here
 5:40-6:30pm Group Dinner 
Personal Foresight Exercise -
Discussing and thinking through your next year's life and career goals, in small groups. Facilitator:  John Smart. 

We will give out free copies of Verne Wheelwright's, It's Your Future, 2010, a great book about personal foresight, goalsetting, and strategic planning.
 7:30-9:00pm Discuss Next Year's Goals, in Small Groups (3-4). Help your groupmembers make their goals SMART.
 Afterward Personal: Write out an optional 100 word, 1-2 minute vision/goals statement for personal use, and optional sharing tomorrow .
 Group: Hang out, technology demos, article/book sharing, games, stargazing.
Sunday April 14
 9:00am Breakfast (on your own or share)
 Pack up (if leaving today) or not (if leaving tomorrow morning)
 10:00am-11:30am 1-2 minute Vision/Goals Sharing Videos.
 Share your Vision/Goals Statements large group around the room if you like.
 Have them videotaped while reading them if you like.
 Videotapes are confidential (uploaded to a private google link, for your eyes only).
 11:30am FERN in 2013: Next Steps - Susan Fant and John Smart. Thoughts? Want to lead something and join the team? Let us know!
 11:50am Closing Thoughts
 - Gift exchange (opt-in by bringing a gift, something useful to share for life or career)
 - Share proven strategies for meeting goals, staying accountable, productivity tricks, etc.
 - Share experiences, takeaways from weekend
 Group Outing, National Mall. Leave for National Mall/Memorial Walk - Easy & Flat - Includes Washington  Monument, World War II Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, & Lincoln Memorial. Later possibilities include lunch, museums, IMAX shows, etc., per group's preference. More info on freeish things to do in D.C., from the D.C. tourism board. An optional fun social event, we hope you can join us!

Note on Participation: Each attendee is asked to participate and help others participate over the weekend. We ask that natural introverts push themselves to speak up a little more, and that natural extroverts take more time to listen actively and ensure that everyone has a voice.

Personal Foresight Exercise - Suggested Prep

Questions to ask yourself before the weekend.
  1. Do you have an idea of what your major life purpose is? What is a one sentence summary of your goals and values? What things are you most commonly motivated by? For example: Creating, learning, accomplishment/achievement, recognition, validation, rewards (financial, etc.), security, sense of identity, enjoyment / fun, being around certain people/colleagues, sense of group identity, etc.
  2. Do you know your strengths? Optional: Take StrengthsFinder 2.0 (40 mins online, $15).
  3. How do you choose your goals? How often? How do you know these are the right goals for you?
  4. What techniques of keeping yourself on track with your goals have worked best in the past?
  5. In recent years, what has gotten in the way of you achieving your goals? Which of these are more in your control, and which are harder to control?
  6. Will you prefer coaching, specific advice, active listening, or another type of feedback when discussing your goals in small group?

Goals Discussion in Small Group (Sat night)
Suggested format: 30 minutes in small group (3-4 individuals) spent focusing on each individual, guided by the individualEach individual should discuss their current year's goals and strategies for achieving these goals, and leave time for questions from the group. 

Tip: Try to keep a balance between inquiry/discovery questions and problem-solving/goal-setting questions in your small group. 
Optional: Does your group want to set a date and time for a follow-up (by email, phone, or online hangout) later this year, to see how each other is progressing?

Personal Vision/Goals Statement (Sat night or Sunday early morning)
If you can, put together a brief 100-word or so vision/goals statement, focusing mostly on the next year. Keep this entirely private or share it, as you like. 

Videotaping in Large Group (Sun morning)
We will videotape folks reading their vision/goals statements in large group, 1-2 mins/video. 
Reading and or video is entirely optional. If you decide to get taped, the video will be shared only with you.