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Foresight Careers is for anyone who wants to get more out of their foresight educationand to find and keep great foresight jobsIt is put on by FERN, the folks behind Global Foresight, a nonprofit working to support foresight students, alumni, practitioners, and advocates of global foresight graduate programs and certificate programsJoin us!  By working together and pooling our efforts, we can raise our industry's profile with great employers, and significantly advance our careers.


Where: Washington, DC.
When: Friday-Sunday, April 12-14, 2013. 
     Friday: Center for Strategic and International Studies. Meet Government and Business foresight employers. See current practice, learn what's next.
     Saturday: FERN Group House, Dipomatic Stay hostel. Meet fellow foresight professionals. Pitch and hear projects. Set and share goals for your foresight career. 
     Sunday: National Mall, Downtown DC. Tour the sights with your new futurist friends. More discussion and socializing. 
Attend Friday only, or join us for the whole weekend if you can!
Friday is free, but brief RSVP required
Saturday and Sunday is $50, plus any lodging and travel. Stay with us at Diplomatic Stay, or get your own lodging.

FERN and Global Foresight's mission:
To network students, alumni, faculty, employers and advocates of foresight training programs.
To improve the quality, visibility, and usefulness of foresight curricula and methods.
To help foresight graduates and professionals find great jobs and advance their careers.

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       Coming? Your To Do's
  1. RSVP for either Friday, Sat & Sun, or Fri-Sun.
  2. Plan your lodging and travel.
  3. WePay FERN if coming Sat & Sun.
  4. Fill out your brief Participant Profile.
  5. Sign up to give a micro-talk Saturday afternoon (optional)
  6. Read the profiles, note things you'd like to share with other attendees
  7. Pack your things and select an item for the Gift Exchange (optional).
  8. Get ready to make new friends and have a great three days!