Foredown Tower Astronomers

on the third Thursday every month,  7:30pm, on the corner of Manor Road and Drove Road, Portslade Old Village, BN41 2PA.  Directions There is on-site parking. 

We usually have visiting speakers and some talks are also given by members.
All welcome
Membership £15 per 6 months payable January & July, or
Guest fee of £3 per visit

Keep checking for our Special Events

For more details please contact us at foredowntowerastronomers@gmail.com
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                      Forthcoming Events:

17th July 2014                        Dr Christopher Arridge (Mullard SSL) - The Plumes of Enceladus 

                                                 For poster please see foot of page

                                                 Half-Yearly Subscriptions Due

19th July 2014                       SAGAS Summer Convention 2014 hosted by Foredown Tower Astronomers at The South Downs Planetarium

                                                For further information and ticket details please click on the SAGAS logo at foot of page

21st August 2014                  Jerry Workman BSc, FRAS - Mars Rover

18th September 2014           Guy Hurst (Editor of The Astronomer magazine) - Comets: Ancient and Modern 

16th October 2014                 Speaker TBA

20th November 2014             Dr David Whitehouse - His new book 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth'


    Previous Meetings:

     June 2014                      James Fradgley (Wimbourne Astronomical Society) - Calendars, Cultures and Clocks

     May 2014                      Dr Robin Gorman (Guildford Astronomical Society) - Our Vital Moon

    April 2014                            Doug Bateman - The Restoration of the Time Ball at Greenwich

    March 2014                          Kim Birkett PhD (Mullard SSL) - An update on Comet ISON

    February 2014                     Bob Turner (Worthing) - Why the Solar System looks the way it does

    January 2014                        Dr Robert Smith (President) - The History of Constellations

    December 2013                   Members contributions

    November 2013                    Dr David Whitehouse - The Next 50 Years in Space

    October 2013                        Brian Johnson (Member) - Travels with my Camera

    September 2013                  Mike Frost (Director of the Historical Section of the British Astronomical Association)
                                                   Bomb Attack on the Royal Observatory

    August 2013                         James Fradgley - Astronomical Causes of Climate Change

    July 2013                                Kim Birkett PhD (Mullard SSL) - Comets

    June 2013                              John Skelton (Member) - What wiped out the Dinosaurs?

    May 2013                               Bob Turner (Worthing) - Meteorites, How to Recognise Them

    April 2013                               Dr Stuart Eves (Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd) - Herschel and Uranus

    March 2013                            Professor Andrew Coates (Mullard SSL-Mars Exploratiom) - Mars Lander

    February 2013                       Jim Swift (Crawley AS) - Fusion and Fission

    January 2013                          AGM and Professor Robert Smith (President) - Planets Beyond the Solar System


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