Fun, Fast, Efficient! If you're looking for a small car, buy the ZX2!

Ford released an upgraded version of the ZX2 called the S/R. The designation S/R is derived from the term "Street/Racer". It has an assortment of aftermarket racing upgrades/addons. Ford's final limited production count was 2,110 units, consisting of 110 yellow S/R's in 1999 only in southern California and in Year 2000, 500 black , 500 red and 1,000 yellow for a upgrade price of $1,500,  Factory aftermarket parts listed below: 
(ZX2 S/R Package is no longer available) 

| Aftermarket Upgrades | 
Borla exhaust 
B&M Short throw shifter 
Centerforce Performance Clutch 
Energy Suspension Bushings 
Eibach Lowering Spring 
Iceman intake 
Leather shift boot 
Silver gauge surround 
Tokico Struts 
Upgraded seats w/logo 
Visteon PCM 
205/55ZR15 Goodyear Eagle 
4 wheel disc brakes 
150 MPH (240 KPH) speedometer 
Ford Blue valve cover 
Available in zinc yellow, red and black 

| Specifications | 

0 to 60  approx. 7.5  seconds 
1/4 mile approx.15.5 seconds 
Horsepower 143 bhp 
Torque 150 lb.-ft. 
Skidpad 0.87g** 
Slalom  62.5 mph 
Engine Type 2.0-liter in-line four 
Bore & Stroke  3.34 x 3.46 in 
Compression Ratio  9.6:1 
Valvetrain DOHC 4 valves per cyl. 
Brakes   4-wheel disc 
Tires  205/55R-15 
Curb Weight   2478 lbs 
Wheelbase  98.4 in. 

** Suspension anti-roll bars front and rear, and outfitted with Goodyear Eagle F1 P205/55ZR-15 tires all around, the Escort can circle the skidpad faster than the Integra or the Civic at an impressive 0.87g. Through the slalom, the S/R also shines with a respectable 62.5 mph.

S/R and Ford Racing PCM’s
NGP0 (1999 S/R, FR) calibration 155MPH speed limiter, added timing, refined fuel rated 10% power increase (Cali emissions)

CWQ3 (2000 S/R) minor fuel curve tweak, small addition to timing 160MPH speed limiter (45 state legal)

XHG3 (2000 S/R) same as NGP0 with less timing (same timing as CWQ3 (Cali emissions)

1999 S/R
Only 106 produced
Same as above either the following changes
Roush intake
Black valve cover
Escort GT wheels
Zinc yellow only

99 Ford ’00 Ford
Escort ZX2
Acceleration, sec
0-30 mph  2.6
0-40 mph  4.0
0-50 mph  5.5
0-60 mph  7.6
0-70 mph  9.8
0-80 mph 12.9
Quarter mile, sec/mph 15.8/87.3
Braking, 60-0, ft 144
Lateral acceleration, g 0.86
Slalom, 600-ft, mph  66.5

The optional S/R package adds stiffer suspension parts, more horsepower, rear disc brakes, a stronger clutch, a short-throw manual-transmission shifter, upgraded seats and a unique tire/wheel package. Even if the performance upgrades didn't work (which they do), the S/R package would still almost be worth it for the seats and improved shifter.

29 March 99

Ford is taking the fun of Escort ZX2 to a new level, introducing the limited edition ZX2 S/R today at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Import Salon.

Eight SEMA products are built into ZX2 S/R. The addition of sports car extras and refinements under the hood improve the already excellent handling of ZX2 to make ZX2 S/R a real street and racetrack performer. ZX2 S/R is the first product jointly developed by Ford Racing and Ford Motor Company's Small Vehicle Center Product Development.

ZX2 S/R horsepower is increased by 10 percent over the base ZX2 by use of a recommended premium fuel re-calibration, new air inlet system and improved muffler and pipe. All performance parts on the ZX2 S/R are tuned to complement each other. Ford's Powertrain Control Module has been calibrated to improve wide-open throttle performance and response while still meeting both federal and California low-emission vehicle standards. Premium fuel is recommended but not mandatory.

Handling is improved by the use of tuned progressive rate springs that also lower the car by 1 inch; struts tuned to match the new springs and improve body control; urethane sway bar mount and end link bushes; 15-inch P205 55ZR 15 Eagle F1 Goodyear tires on seven-spoke aluminum wheels; and rear disc brakes. Driving is enhanced by the improved pedal feel and stopping power from the rear disc brake system, improved precision and feel of the new short-throw gear shifter system. The new dual friction clutch system in ZX2 S/R improves clamping force by more than 90 percent with excellent clutch feel while maintaining low pedal effort.

SEMA products that add value and performance to ZX2 S/R include tuned, progressive rate Eibach Springs; Tokico struts; Energy Suspension sway bar; Goodyear P205 55ZR 15 tires; B&M Pro-Edge Shifter with leather boot and carbon fiber/leather shift knob; Borla custom muffler and tip. Roush intake system; and Centerforce dual friction clutch and pressure plate. The cockpit features a leather-wrapped steering wheel, 150-mph speedometer with silver surround and the carbon fiber and leather shift knob that lend comfort and fun to the driving experience. Besides upgrades to the gauges, shifter and steering wheel; ZX2 S/R has additional features that match its sporty image. These include lowered stance and reduced wheel-well gap for a sportier appearance; a full length leather shift boot, good-looking Roush intake with increased-diameter air induction tube and with a deeper, more aggressive muffler note.

Also available for all-out racing, ZX2 S/R can be further upgraded to a Dynamic Suspension kit that includes 500-pound rear, 300-pound front coil over springs and adjustable race specification struts. Ride height can be adjusted easily through the spring seats. An upgraded rear sway bar is also adjustable. The race camber bolt kit allows up to 2 degrees negative camber on the front or rear wheels. The racing suspension bushing kit offers tuned urethane bushings with steel inserts for front lower control arms and rear trailing links to improve suspension precision and control in racing. Adapters for the front and rear engine mounts reduce engine movement using the urethane inserts to improve driveability in extreme loading.

ZX2 S/R is due out this summer with an option package price of $1,495. Initial production of the 100 S/Rs is planned but could lead to additional production.