Vendor page

    Here are a few links and descriptions to some of the vendors you find mentioned in allot of my articles.  These are not just places I happened to come across on the net.  These are places I have used myself or known someone trustworthy that has used them.  If they are on this page it is because they have either treated me or someone I know very well or they are the best in their business.

  • Tread right tires  
    • These guys sell not recaps but re-molded tires for light trucks.  I have talked to allot of people that run them and those that do swear by them.  Never had a problem with tread seperation and get great mileage out of them.  The best part is they are dirt cheap !!
  • Kelderman Air ride systems
    • Kelderman has done a few light and medium duty toter trucks I have seen and let me tell you, their product as well and their craftsmanship is top notch !!
  • Gear vendors overdrive
    • Gear vendors hasn't been around as long as some other vendors and their product is a little more expensive than some but let me tell you, that box is built to handle a tank!!  works smooth and does it's job well !!
  • LMC truck parts
    • These guys have been around a while and have just about any part you can imagine.  They are my go-to source for all the little widgets you can get at a local parts store.  The prices aren't the chaepest but at least they have the stuff your looking for and their customer service is top notch!