The big picture

    Well so here it is, the big picture.  Like I have said before my whole intention of this truck is to build a truck that will have the capacity, power and ability to pull and haul anything I want to safely and efficiently.  To do this I want to take an extended cab old body style pickup, drop it on an F-550 chassis, with a second drive axle.  then throw a small big truck sleeper behind the cab. 

OBS F-550

    Here is a photo I found of a guy that took an OBS truck and dropped it on an F-550 4x4 chassis.  According to the article, almost everything lines up other than some light fab work for the core supoprt.  I like this idea because of the HUGE increase in carrying capacity, 4 wheel disc brakes with anti lock and the bigger 19.5" tires.  The 19.5"s do have a downside.....they can be VERY expensive ( over $200 ea. ).   However, if you look back on the main page you will see a link for Tread Right retreads.  They are located down in Edgemont SD, just a short drive from here.  I have talked to a couple dozen people that use them religiously and swear by them.  no one I have talked to has ever had one come apart and they get great mileage out of them.  And the best part.....they run about $90 a piece!!

OBS 6x6

    Here is another photo I found online that shows a tandem axle configuration on an OBS truck.  There wasn't an article or anything with it so I am not sure if the second axle is driven or not however, I am not sure if I will drive the second axle or not.  I have thought long and hard about this subject and just can't nail down a good reason to drive it or not to drive it.  On one hand, If i was to say drive over a curb, depending on how I do the suspension, one axle could be lifted off the ground.  If that happens to be the drive axle then you are left spinning tires and going no where.  If both axles were driven you wouldn't have that problem.  On the other hand, if I didn't drive the second axle and went with a 4x4 setup I could always reach down and throw it in 4wd, given of course the front hubs were locked in.  You can see my predicament lol.

F-550 with sleeper

    Here is yet another photo I found of a newer F-550 with a sleeper.  I really like this setup, it has the stacks, sleeper and saddle tanks like I want.

    So, where does this all lead you ask???   Well let me tell you, it leads to one truck that anyone who has ever hauled a big trailer could appreciate.  A motor with enough power to move a house, a tranny that will handle anything you throw at it without going up in smoke, a chassis that will handle all the weight you can  put on it and still be able to bring it to a hault, a cab and sleeper to make the long trips comfortable and saving on motel rooms, enough fuel to make long trips without stopping for fuel, and a cool factor that is off the charts!!