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    As for the motor, it is getting a little tired and starting to loose compression.  I have thought long and hard and I have 2 options.

    1. I can swap the original powerstroke with one from a 99 and up.  The 99 and up PSD's used the bigger 120cc injectors as compared to the 90cc injectors in the pre-99' PSD's.  The also use a bigger 17 degree High Pressure Oil Pump (HPOP) as compared to the 15 degree HPOP in the pre-99's.  This relates to the amount of oil the pump can supply to the injectors which is a big stepping stone when trying to get more power outta one of these.  The 99 and up motors were also intercooled, while I would have to fab up a mount for the charge air cooler and all the tubing this would be a huge advantage in keeping the exhaust temps down under hard pulls.  One note however, the pre-99 trucks used a better compressor wheel that the newer ones.  You will see alot of adds for what is called a "wicked wheel", this is nothing more than a pre-99 wheel.  One mod I will consider first is swapping the turbo housing.  All PSD's in the Ford trucks used a 1.15:1 A/R ratio, with this setup you can get decent boost but you have to really wind the motor up before it starts building any boost.  The PSD's International put in the medium duty trucks and busses had a few different horsepower ratings and depending on the rating had either a 1:1 or .85:1 housing.  I think I will start with a 1:1, that should get the turbo spooling at alot lower RPM helping with acceleration without loosing boost at "highway speeds".  After all that I might look at getting a Tony Wildman chip with an 80hp economy, 80hp tow and 120hp extreme settings.

    2. is swap in a cummins, it might cost me a little more to do but it is hard to argue the reliability of the cummins along with the fuel efficiency.  However, like i said, the cost involved can be huge.  For a USED 12 valve cummins your looking at about $4000.  That kind of money can go a long ways to other mods and parts.  But the one thing that really gets me is that you can get Jakes (compression brakes) on the 5.9.  The "cool factor" goes thru the roof when you come down a hill in your pickup loaded with a big trailer and hit the jakes and rattle all the way to the bottom !!