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      Well here she is, my 1994 Ford F-350.  I found this truck in the Wichita paper for little or nothin, didn't run at the time I bought it and spent a day chasing it down to the fuel supply pump in the valley.  After an 8hr battle to get it replaced i had her up and runnin !!!

Here are the specs:  1994 Ford F-350, dual rear wheel, 2wd, with the powerstroke diesel, ZF 5 speed trans with 4:11's in the diff.

    I have done quite a bit of work to her since I got it, new shocks, clutch (south bend con-o), injector o-rings, valve cover gaskets along with trying all the usual "cheap-o" mods like the 10k and EOT, however the only one that really impressed me was shimming the fuel pressure regulator spring, throttle response was alot better and seemed to idle alot smoother with the higher fuel pressure.

The future of hoss

    Now, as for the future of the truck, it is a little uncertain at this point, I have kicked around the idea of trading the truck off for a single rear wheel 4wd truck since I now reside in South Dakota and could really use the 4wd.  However, I really like the idea of being able to hook up to a trailer and load it up and not worry about it.  I have never really hauled anything that I needed the extra capacity however every time I hook up to a trailer it is really nice to have the extra stability of the duals so I might just find a front axle and convert it over to 4wd.  

    As for the suspension there are a number of possibilities.  the first being to get the front twin I-beam swapped out for a solid axle Dana 60.  One thing I really never liked about the 4wd was the poor turning radius caused by the leaf spring front end.  I would really like to fab a coil spring front end to to try and keep the already lousy turning radius of a long truck from getting and worse.  In the rear I have had a few other ideas.  The current suspension works really well other that the "snap" that the overload springs give when going over speed bumps and such.  I had thought at one time to install a set of air bags in the rear and cut the overloads off short so all the overload work would be done by the bags.  However that brings up a few other problems, with air bags your constantly looking for an air compressor to add air and you have to do it all by guess work to get the right air pressure for the load.  So it would be alot easier to have on board air, a tank and a leveling valve.  Well hell if your gonna go that far why not just fab a full air ride suspension to the rear ???

The "Big Picture".  So I have this crazy Idea in my head to get a truck that will do anything I want to do with it.  So, picture this if you will.  I find myself an F-550 4wd rolling chassis, drop in a 24v cummins, an allison automatic with a divorced NP 205 T-case.  Put my body on it swapping the cab out for an extended cab and adding a small truck sleeper with a van style rear seat that would fold down to a bed.  Then for the full effect we chop the rear frame and add a second axle along with the classic set of straight stacks =-)

Keep checking back for updates 

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