Janis H. Barry
Associate Professor of Economics 
Fordham College at Lincoln Center
CSWEP Representative for Fordham Economics Department



I am a labor economist with research interests in U.S. and international labor markets and health policy.  My publications focus on gender, race, and class differences in employment, wage rates, hours worked, health-care outcomes, and economic geography.  My current research examines the impact of physician supply on cancer screening outcomes using a nationally representative sample from the National Health Interview Survey. Primary care physician measures are generated from within recognized, bounded health care markets called Primary Care Service Areas (PCSAs), as established by HRSA.  Additional inquiries have considered the lack of competition  (as measured by the Hirfindahl Index) among CRC screening facilities located in PCSAs nationwide. Using individual receipt of a physician CRC screening recommendation,  or use of a CRC screening test, as outcome variables of interest, results show that men and women who reside in PCSAs where competition among  CRC screening providers is limited, are less likely to get a physician recommendation or to utilize screening tests.  The existence of significant market power may cause CRC screening prices to be higher in these markets, leading to fewer physician recommendations for tests, as well as declines in individual demand for CRC screens. 
    In 2006, I was awarded a Fulbright Scholar award to teach at Abo Akademi in Turku/Abo, Finland. This experience helped deepen my research interest in globalization forces, post neo-liberalist policies and their relationship to labor market outcomes.  I retain a strong interest in studying the Nordic economies and their adaptation to changing global conditions. 


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