About the Society

About the Ford County Historical Society

In the spring of 1968 Dr. W. G. Raudabaugh of Piper City, a member of the Ford County Board, asked Dr. W. W. Sauer if he would attempt to form a county historical society. Each member of the county board agreed to invite 30 people to a public meeting which was held in the large court room of the County court house. About 150 people from all parts from the county attended and after an explanation of the aims of such a society, Judge Howard Benjamin made the motion which was passed unanimously to form The Ford County Historical Society.

Over the years bimonthly meetings have been held featuring programs dealing with many areas of local and area history. Each September a dinner meeting is held at which special program material is presented.

In addition to regular meetings the Society has honored county students who have taken part in special history projects. The Society has reprinted into one volume the Historical Atlas of 1884, 1904 and 1916 and reprinted The Prairie Farmers Directory of Ford County for 1917. 

Using money given by the children of Merna Vaught, the first secretary of the Society, a slide presentation dealing with Ford County history was produced and a copy given to each school in the county. Several oral history tapes have been made and many articles on local and county history have been published. An archival file has grown over the years and contains much material which has been given to the Society by the public.