Forces...Gangs to Riots ...

...evolution to gangs, riots and back to peace
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Forces...Gangs to Riots Book 1...

An excellent read for the middle and high school levels and as a primer to the world of community violence, especially gangs and gang violence.

Forces...Gangs to Riots ...

For trainers, specialists, practitioners and researchers. Ideal for colleges and universities and as a tool for those organizing and structuring a coordinated response to community violence.    

Designed to  enlighten about all phases of community violence especially gang violence. We use all new information that will change how you view the gang problem and the war on gangs.

They give hope where confusion reigns and where "solutions" need solutions. 

Forget the rest...these are the best!

These books will help parents, teachers, law enforcement, counselors, civic, religious and business leaders and organizations 
understand how gangs and other community sub-cycles emerge and what they can each do to end them.  But the most important people to read Book 1 are the young people themselves.   
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Understand how and why community violence occurs and how to end it...

Books 1 and 2 present New Paradigms in researching, understanding and treating youth violence (urban, school, ethnic, barrio, ghetto, hate, racial, drug) and other violence sub-cycles;

Introduces a six-stage violence process (the traditional Cycle of Violence is actually fourth and a new Cycle of Maintenance is fifth stage). Violence cycles cannot be ended until all six stages are acknowledged, fully understood and appropriately targeted; 

Redefines gangs and violent youth groups into three categories that conform to societal dynamics; 

Places community violence/peace status on a Peace and Violence Continuum and suggests interface between peace and violence studies and cyberinfrastructure using advanced data analytics and visualization technologies for knowledge discovery, and to map the “genome” of violence and peace status in communities and regions. Shows how to analyze and predict violence using computer to really solve your gang problem. 

Foreword by Edward James Olmos and Mike Farrell

                           New Paradigms Group 

Steven David Valdivia, CEO                                      Dr. Richard Griego, COO 

     The New Paradigms Group (NPG) advances a holistic, multi-disciplined approach in status analysis, and prescribes processes whose focus is to reduce violence and enhance peace. NPG provides advanced education and training on the dynamics of Peace and Violence formulated to facilitate planning and operating violence reduction delivery systems. Monitoring, evaluation and in-process modification may be designed into the system.

                                             New Paradigms Group

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