The Federal Reserve


Okay, this is a good one.

So, the Rothschild family managed to organize a pretty sweet cartel amoungst some of the biggest names in international finance. Pretty cool, huh? I have a pretty hard time getting all my friends to agree on lunch or what movie to see, so getting a bunch of powerful people like this to agree on anything is a pretty big feat!

In November of 1910, J.P. Morgan hosted a bunch of New York financial wizards on Jekyll Island, a small island off the coast of Georgia he had bought a few years before. I've been to Jekyll Island before, actually, on a family vacation with my folks when I was twelve. I remember the place as being pretty cool. I was just learning to skateboard then and there were a bunch of kids around, all of whom were more than willing to give me pointers (mainly on how to fall down correctly - I wasn't very good!).

Anyways, these New York wizards were not being brought down to Georgia to learn to skate. No way! They were being brought down to Georgia, like the devil in that song I like, to plan out how best to take over the United States economy. See, the Rothschilds, along with the almost-as-renown Warburgs, had been working with a slew of London bankers to help influence the world financial markets. But why should they spend time on influence and nudges when they could outright control?

Thus, the plan to take over the country via the Federal Reserve, techically a private institution, was born. The Governemt doesn't actually control the FED, but the FED sure does control the Government! The USA wasn't in debt until the FED came into being, but it sure is now! 

Want to know more? Eustace Mullins wrote a whole lot about it in The Secrets of the Federal Reserve. 

How can you get in on this? Well, outside of joining the world banking community, it probably couldn't hurt to go down to Jekyll Island for your next vacation! Be sure to try the soft serve at Joan's! It's like custard it's so good!