The Forbidden Truth

Tis Better to Serve than Slave! 


Did you know that Earth is a secret battleground?

Did you know that factions, both human and inhuman, are at war for your very soul?

Good News! This means that you, the person reading this right now, are worth something. You and the people around you are of value to the 'sinister' forces that encircle mankind. These forces are likely to win and in the end, and when they do, they'll turn the Earth into a prison of their own design. So why be a prisoner when you can help these forces and become a jailer instead?

By helping Them win, you ensure a place for yourself on the winning side! 

No doubt you are skeptical. Sure, I was too when I first discovered the Secret History. That's why I've created these pages, to help you find a place in the New World Order while time remains. The new masters' plots are advancing quickly and soon the world shall heel before them, so there's little time left to get in on the conspiracy. 

Now is the time to act! 

But wait, you say. You're a busy guy (or girl!) and don't have time for "crackpot" theories or secret conspiracies. That's fine! It doesn't take much to help Them out. Just a few minutes a day! The more time you can spare, the better, but it doesn't take a whole lot of time to get noticed and counted on the winning side!

Lucky for you, I'm here to help you succeed! 


Please read the following pages to help orient yourself to the way the world really works:

First things first: Who is The New World Order and what are its' Goals? Click here!

Once you are done with that (it's not too long, I promise!) here's a brief glossary of the people and groups that have worked so hard over the years to advance the goals of the New World Order. Who knows, maybe some day soon I'll be adding your name to this list!

The Illuminati - The Knights Templar - The Rosicrucians - The FBI - Tesla - St. Germain - World Bank - Google - The Catholic Church - The Greys - The Federal Reserve - Adam Weishaupt - Karl Marx - The NSA - The Reptilians - Freemasons - Demons - The Priory of Scion - Aleister Crowley - The Founding Fathers

Here are some of the methods of the New World Order. This brief list represents a mere snapshot of plots past and present. The plots of the New World Order are like mice: for every one you see, there's at least two more waiting in the walls! Where I can, I've tried to add some information about what you could do to get in on the plot.

The Montauk Project - MK Ultra - Mind Control - Genetic Reprogramming - Chemtrails - Cellphone Towers - Modern Psychiatry - Cloning - Homosexual Agenda - Assassinations - Project Paper Clip - The Knights of Malta - Orgone and Orgonite - Babylon Working

Why Should You Join?

There are a lot of reasons for you to 'sign on' with the New World Order. It can help you professionally, socially, and, yes, even spiritually!

Have you seen the people that are fighting against the New World Order? Do you really want to be one of those guys?

What Can You Do?

Here are 50 Easy Things you can do to help out the New World Order. 

More Information

Here are some other good sites for learning more about the New World Order. They tend to be of the opinion that the New World Order is a threat. Of course, I disagree. The New World Order is only a threat to those people who refuse to get with the program! Still, you have to admire their conviction. They're probably all really nice people who mean well, but got lost along the way. I recommend reading them because they've accumuilated the most information on the New World Order and its plans outside of the organization itself!