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Sam Schaperow, B.S., M.S.
Sam Schaperow, B.S., M.S.
Photo Copyright 2006
Sam Schaperow started foraging a limited number of plants in the 80s.  It was not until '96 when taking a biology class as a part of his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Connecticut, did he gain a higher level of expertise.  This was thanks to his instructor who taught the class about foraging mushrooms and plants.  

Since then he has continued to intensely study wild edibles, now also as a member of a mycological society, and is now able to obtain a wide variety in quantity.  On occasion he will grow his own edibles, such as mushrooms and amaranth plants.  Numerous local restaurants and  an innovative farm's farm-stand already use the food Sam grows and forages.  Please contact him for purchasing, or to inquire about samples!