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Paper writing and literature search

Got an intimidating paper assignment? If it's mine, you can (and should) ask me about it. But even if it isn't, you can still ask me about it. And if you don't want to ask me about it, we have librarians and research tutors who are just waiting to give you research advice!

For all APA formatted papers, please use Prof. Janet Gibson's totally amazing how-to (with examples!) guide to APA format. It is a wonderful resource. (Get ready to sign in to SharePoint because we don't share this with just anyone on the interwebs)

Don't know where to start looking for information for papers?

For my classes or anything related, start here through the Grinnell College library, and click "Proquest."

Reach out to Kevin Engel. He is superhuman and passionate about working for you even if you haven't met him.

Psst, want to be a bad kid like me? Find many things you didn't know existed on GoogleScholar. But be forewarned (or hear it from Kevin Engel himself): GoogleScholar will give you a lot more than you want. I am old enough to enjoy GoogleScholar's stupidity, but you don't have that time.

Join ResearchGate because there are very many more papers available on RG than you might find through Grinnell College's subscriptions and through Google Scholar.

Make no mistake: you will miss the journal subscriptions here once you graduate. So, enjoy them while you are here. It is a privilege to have this much information.

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