Liberal arts: It is a big, wide world

Why to take courses you don’t think you need

1. Getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to learn--about a class in whatever topic, yeah, but also more importantly, the best way to learn about yourself.

I understand the fear of failure in a new, unfamiliar setting, but these sorts of challenges will be what give your life-long narrative any sort of spice or appeal. Failing, fumbling, and learning from your mistakes is what your personal narrative has to be about.

2. There are very many people you haven’t met yet, and you don’t know how to talk with them as well as you could.

3. There are also more jobs than you’ve ever heard of.

4. You have a lifetime over which to pigeonhole your perspectives and to shuttle your sleekest, narrowest self through the short 24 hours of a day. Higher education is a privilege, and far from just teaching you facts to show off with, this time is some of the best space within which for you to learn what interests you the most about the vast world around you.

5. You probably haven’t fallen in love with anything yet, and thriving through the rest of life is considerably easier when you love something.

6. You are here to learn, so with all due respect, how do you know when you have learned enough?

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