My first footy, on this site I intend to show the process by which you can build a Footy sail boat.

If you have found your way here, I can assume you know what a Footy is, this site is intended for the first time builder and the idea is to draw together all the resources you will need in order to complete a competitive club level Footy.

Where to Start,
a quick browse around the numerous Footy websites will show that the footy comes in all shapes and sizes, with boats being built from anything from an old biscuit tin through to lightweight carbon cloth, my approach is decidedly low tech! My boats so far have all been built of balsa wood and completed on the kitchen table. The simplest boat to build is a chine boat made of a number of balsa panels glued together and then coated with a resin to make them watertight.
This simple method is the approach I intend to illustrate here using the plans for a Razor 3
http://footy.rcsailing.net/razor3/Razor3.pdf kindly issued free by Bill Hagerup. See my links for helpful sites to the footy builder.

Step One                         Plans & Preparation
Step Two                      Making the Hull
Step Three                      Keel Fin & Rudder
Step Four                        Keel Bulb
Step Five                          Electrical Equipment
Step Six                              Making Sails & Controls
Step Seven                        Final Assembly