Education and Technology Support Funds

What are these funds?

The Foothill PFA fundraises for two separate funds that support Foothill Middle School in important ways. Both funds help our school bridge the gap between public funding and the current, true cost of the quality education our students enjoy at Foothill.

These funds pay for programs and staff positions that would be unavailable to our students through public funding alone.

The Ed Fund provides funding for:

  • ·         Smaller class sizes for math and science in all grades
  • ·         Lunchtime library access for all students
  • ·         Computer lab instructional assistant
  • ·         Crossing Guards

The Tech Fund provides funding for:

  • ·         Progress towards a 1 computer per 1 student ("1:1") ratio in math, science and English classes 
  • ·         Educational software updates

How much should I donate?

These funds are supported by generous donations from you, our Foothill families. Although donations are not a requirement of enrollment at Foothill, we truly appreciate your generosity.  The goal of these funds is to achieve 100% participation regardless of the dollar amount, however, suggested donations for the 2018/2019 school year are:  

Ed Fund:  $325 per student

Tech Fund: $100 per student

You can donate at Walk Through on August 9th, or you can make an online donation now using the links below: 

Ed Fund Donation Link

Tech Fund Donation Link

Please note that you will have the option during checkout to do a monthly, recurring payment versus a one time payment.  

** If you donate online, please bring a copy of your receipt to Walk Through to expedite your way through the Ed/Tech Fund line. **

Will my company match my donation?

Usually yes!! Because Foothill PFA is a registered non-profit organization under the 501(c)3 tax code, your donations to the Ed Fund and the Tech Fund are usually eligible for corporate matching.  

It is usually a very quick process to request a matching request as most employers offer corporate matching via online portals on your corporate intranet. Typically all you will need is the following information: 

·         Our name: Foothill Parent-Faculty Association

·         Our address:  2775 Cedro Lane, Walnut Creek, CA 94598 

·         Our tax ID number: #68-0015686

·         The date and amount of your gift 

Please consider asking about whether your employer will match your donation and double your impact!

** Thank you for your generous support of Foothill Middle School!  During these times of budget constraints in education, we rely on the support of every family to continue to deliver an outstanding education for Foothill students. **