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Foothill PFA had its latest Dine and Donate Fundraiser at Yalla Mediterranean. It took place on Thursday, January. 17, 2019. Hope you showed up for this one, because 50% of the proceeds will now be donated to Foothill Middle School!

Yalla Mediterranean is located at 1813 Ygnacio Valley Rd. in the Ygnacio Valley Shopping Center.
Phone: 925-934-5098

How can you support Foothill at no additional cost to you?  There are many different ways that you can help support Foothill - Please see all the options below and take just a few minutes to set some programs up. These businesses want to be a part of our community by way of helping our school. 
Thanks for your support!

Shop AMAZON click this link or the Amazon banner below*, then bookmark the page, and shop as usual. That's it! Earn up to 10% for our students.  Works with Prime Accounts too. 
(Close out of Amazon Smile if it pops up)

*If you don’t see the banner, turn off adblocker from Chrome. You can also enter: 

Smile.amazon.com If asked, Choose Foothill Parent-Faculty...
Educational and Technical Support Funds

Parent contributions to Foothill's Ed Fund and Tech Funds are your PFA's primary source of funding to bridge the gap between public funding and the current, true cost of the quality education our children experience at Foothill.   

Your Ed Fund and Tech Fund donations go back into the school, supporting programs, personnel, materials and equipment to benefit ALL students.  To learn more about the Ed Fund and Tech Fund and to donate click here

Special Fundraisers

Foothill's Dine & Donate a Great Success!
Several times throughout the year, Foothill partners with local area restaurants to host Dine & Donate events.  On specified days, the restaurant will donate a percentage of their sales back to the Foothll PFA.  In 2017/18 we raised over $1300 with Dine & Donate events and next year we hope to raise even more.  If you have a restaurant to suggest, please contact    one of the committee chairs Lisa Berndt at snshyn30@aol.com
  or Bonnie Bullis at bonbullis@yahoo.com


Sports Basement Discounts

Join Sports Basement's Basementeer Program and register Foothill Middle School as your designated charity. You will receive 10% off your purchase and 5% of your purchase will be donated back to the school

Raley's ExtraCredit Works At Our Local Nob Hill Food Store!


The simple way to support Foothill Middle School

It's simple to sign up, easy to use, and FREE with your Something Extra Account
Here's How:
2. Click on the green "Start Here" button
3. Choose Foothill Middle School PFA
That's it! Just shop with your Something Extra account and Raley's will make a donation to your school or youth organization every time you shop at Nob Hill Foods. For more information, visit raleys.com/extracredit.


JOIN/ UPDATE eScrip. Participating merchants (many are local such as Lunardi’s) pay a % of purchases from registered credit/debit cards. Please designate Foothill as beneficiary. 

Participating merchants contribute a percentage of your purchases to Foothill whenever you shop using your registered cards. Local merchants include Diablo Foods, Lunardi’s, Big O Tires, Walnut Creek Transmission, and many more.  Click here to see other merchants.

Safeway – Special Note!

Safeway NO LONGER participates in eScrip!! This is significant as Safeway was our largest source of income from eScrip by far.

NEW to eScrip?

Simply register your credit cards and debit/ATM cards with eScrip to start earning money for our school. 

Sign Up Now, It’s Easy-

• Click here to SIGN UP for escrip.com

• Click on “Sign Up”

• Enter your contact information

• Designate Foothill Middle School/Group ID #  137683951

• Enter your credit and ATM cards 

ALREADY an eScrip Subscriber?

Update your credit cards, especially expired cards!  Every year, please take a moment to update your contact info, credit card info, and designate Foothill as beneficiary at escrip.com.