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The Change Wars Has Just Ended, And The Results Are In!

posted Apr 10, 2018, 1:40 PM by FoothillPFA Webmaster   [ updated May 11, 2018, 12:13 PM ]

Lisa Berndt has just updated the following results:

The Change Wars totals are in and Foothill has raised an amazing $5,059.27! It was a tight race, but the winners have been declared! (In addition to the slime, all 1st AND 2nd place winners will receive an ice cream sundae bar with an extended lunch period on Friday, May 25th!) In second place for 6th grade is...GALLOWAY's class! In first place for 6th grade, and the class that will be sliming Mr. Jackson, is...ETCHEVESTE's class! In second place for 7th grade is...PEREZ's class! In first place for 7th grade, and the class that will be sliming Ms. Elliott, is...SHELBY's class! And in second place for 8th grade is...CANO's class! In first place, with the most money brought in at a whopping $790.99 (that's $23.97 per student!), and the class that will be sliming Ms. Bush is...DOWD's class!  Congratulations to all the winners! Foothill PFA thanks you so much for your support! What an incredible first run for Change Wars...the amount of participation was truly AMAZING!

Thank You Lisa for the update!

Foothill PFA had just completed the first-ever Change Wars Fundraiser! The contest ran from April 16th, to April 27th. Each homeroom had their own container to fill up with coins and bills.The homeroom in each grade level that brought in the most money, will be rewarded their awesome prizes, including an ice cream sundae bar during an extended lunch period. Plus, (and this is the best part) the winners above will now have the chance to SLIME Mr. Jackson for the 6th graders, Ms. Elliott for the 7th graders, and Ms. Bush for the 8th graders! The runner up homeroom in each grade level will now receive ice cream as well. All funds raised will help offset the cost of the new water bottle refilling stations, and support other school programs.

 We are so thankful to Mr. Jackson, Ms. Elliott, and Ms. Bush for being such willing and enthusiastic volunteers, and to every Foothill teacher for helping make this brand new fundraiser a successful one!

(The total amount of loot in each bottle, will be divided by the number of students in that class to keep it fair for the smaller classes)

FoothillPFA Webmaster,
Apr 10, 2018, 11:02 PM