Dine & Donate Triple Header Event Done. Results Coming...

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Foothill's final Dine & Donate of the year was on Tuesday, May 14th. We saved the best for last! We had THREE participating establishments to choose from and all three will be donating 20 - 25% back to our school, There was something for everyone! And as always, Foothill PFA thanks you for all of your support this year in making these Dine & Donates a success! As checks come in, we will post the results.

Quick update on the Dine & Donate Fundraiser event at Chipotle Mexican Grill that took place back on Tuesday, March 19, 2019. Chipotle just handed us a check for $569.91 from that event! Thanks to you all! 

Remember to frequent these Dine and Donate restaurants through out the year to show your own thanks back at them! They all have stepped up to give up a portion of their income on those days to help our children and their school.

Here are the Flyers: Burger Lounge,    MYO Yogurt,    Rocco's 

Here are the Websites: Burger Lounge,   MYO Yogurt  Rocco's

The Change Wars Ended, And Here's The Total = $2,672.43!

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Here is the Change Wars total and the Winners list!

 Foothill has raised $2,672.43! It was a tight race again this year, but the winners have been declared. And remember all 1st and 2nd place winners will receive an ice cream sundae bar with an extended lunch period on Monday, May 20th. First place winners will also be sliming. In second place for 6th grade is...MONROE'S class! In first place for 6th grade is...GALLOWAY'S class! In 7th grade, there was a TIE for first place and the winners are...ELLINGSON'S class and DAVIS' class! And in second place for 8th grade is...SHELBY'S class! In first place is...DOWD'S class! Congratulations to all the winners and Foothill PFA thanks you for your support!

(Credit goes to Lisa Berndt for the update! Thanks!)

It was Homeroom against Homeroom during the Change War at Foothill! All jars were collected on April 26th 2019, and were delivered to Bank of America for counting.

The three winning classes will now enjoy an ice cream sundae bar, as well as an extra-long lunch period and.... 

Slime Mr. Jackson (6th), Slime Ms. Elliott (7th) & Slime Ms. Vaiana (8th) !!

Community Service Day Was A Success! Thank You!

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Thank You All You Hardworking Parents and Staff That Showed Up! October 13, 2018 was Community Service Day in Walnut Creek! Foothill Middle School participated with 2 projects. Both were from 9:00am to 12:00pm on Saturday (3 hours) Project One: Foothill Operation Wood Chip. Project Two: Foothill School Band Shine Up. Both had plenty of parents who showed up, and we all were able to get a lot done in only 3 hours! Leading the group was our new Principal Kim Vaiana along with those who have been there year after year, like Melissa Sunbury and Anna Halverson. All present worked very hard. 

Our Most Recent Dine & Donate Event At Chipotle Earned $569.91!

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The Foothill PFA most recent Dine & Donate Fundraiser event just took place at Chipotle Mexican Grill on Tuesday, March 19, 2019. Chipotle just handed us a check for $569.91 from that event! 
Thank You All! That must of been a big turn out! Look for more Dine & Donate dates in May, because we have a triple header coming!

Chipotle is located at 785 Oak Grove Road 
(Just to the left of Trader Joes).
Phone: 925-566-5005

Interested In What Was Discussed At A PFA Meeting? The Agendas & Minutes Are Online!

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The PFA conducts monthly meetings in the Foothill Library, but we also know how busy your life can be! So all of the agendas and minutes from past meetings are posted online for you. View them at any time, and at your own schedule! They are easily viewed by clicking the 'PFA Meetings' link. Also, If you haven't attended a meeting yet, please join us at our next meeting on May 15, 2019 at 7:00 pm.

Stay Informed at Foothill

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To stay informed about what is happening at Foothill, be sure to sign up to receive eNews. In addition to eNews, Foothill has a Foothill Parents Facebook Page.  Lastly, don't forget to check the Foothill school and PFA websites often. All of these are helpful resources. 

To sign up for eNews, click here

Doing some Shopping? Please use the Amazon Link!

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Please keep using Foothill's Amazon link! Everytime you shop on Amazon and click through Foothill's unique URL, you are earning money for the school. Remember to use it EVERYTIME you shop Amazon.

Daily Bulletin

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Did you know that you can look at the daily schedule and see the announcements that the kids hear at the beginning of school every morning? They are posted on the Foothill Website under the Daily Bulletin tab. 

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