Our fall bicycle tour round the Austrian foothills

Welcome to our Radltour!

October 26th 2015



Iris, retired and tired bicyclist

Road bike tour to the Austrian foothills

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

You may see we had wonderful biking weather in Austria.

With doing a part by train saved our energy. We started with the local train "Mariazellerbahn" at St.Poelten (Austria) heading to the town Winterbach, which is already rather elevated (round 500 meters).

After a short ride, we found an inviting restaurant. As it was noon, we decided to to stay for a beer.

Riding further leaded to an elevation of 1.110 meters. We have seen the first snow of this year.

A colorful fall day was our award of all the little climbing's.

The overall distance of our tour was just sweet 110 kilometers.

Long enough to ride the last kilometers in dark. And the night has felt on the setting sun.

Some pictures are exciting some not ...

Anyway, you may see colorful fall pictures from our short Austrian "Indian summer".

Enjoy the pictures and my report.

Good luck to our followers.

picture set 1:

picture set 2: our lunch rest

picture set 3:

Here our return starts (only 50 kilometers more to go)

picture set 3:

picture set 4:

we are working on that - here will appear a set of pictures soon