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Ninete, the Amazon


Giantess FJ - v0.1 by |rly| 

this one was a request from soler... unfortunatelly still unfinnished

Does anyone have a name for this Giantess? ( people are saying she looks like Hillary :P )  ... dicuss it on the blog, please, or send mail


btw... if you people like barefoot amazons, check this out:

 Amazon v0.1 by |rly|

click it to see it on the original size, it won't kill you or something ... it's also work in progress but I'll be updating it.

I really need to put my hands on the barefoot amazons page. 





this one is a request of a romanian anarchist princess

still very prim 



 here's it a bit more evolved







If you want me to draw something particular for you just send mail ( it's on the header of this page ) with full details ... *It's free*... it just have to be Foot related and nice/interesting for me too.  You can also discuss the idea on the forum. or on 's or undernet's #feet

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