Footbag Freestyle - The Video Game

Footbag Freestyle aka Hacky Sack has finally come to your Android.  Start with the basic kicks then master the tricks, flips, spins, delays, leg overs and of course, Flying Clippers.  

Old Skool freestyle moves combined with pinball elements brings fun and challenges.  Feel the Flow and play like a Pro.

 “Footbag Freestyle” by eAardvark is now available on Google Play.

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In 1977, Kevin "Special K" Courtney was introduced to Hacky Sack/Footbag and was hooked the first day and continues playing today.  Programmer by trade, in the mid-eighties his dream of a Footbag Video Game started with a prototype on the Commodore computer that fellow kickers played after Footbag tournaments.

Now, after nearly five years of development, his official Footbag Freestyle - The Video Game is available for your Android.  

One of Kevin's original Footbag partners that he leaned to kick with, the talented artist, Joe Parsons, joined the project and has done all the fantastic backgrounds and artwork for our game.   You’ll be playing around the world and in places you have never dreamed of.

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