Waistcoat and Undress Uniform 

The artillery wore a dark blue Gilet or waistcoat.

 This was cut from dark blue cloth and was sleeveless and fastened down the front with between ten or 12 small  uniform buttons.

 In summer a white waistcoatwas allowed to be worn.

A second, sleeved, waiscoat was issued for undress. The epaulettes from the Habit were attached and rank and long-service chevrons were worn but in half-width lace.


The artillery waistcoat (gilet).

Gilet a Manche

1. Proportions of the Gilet.
The gilet, with sleeves, shall be cut round, and lined with linen as shall the sleeves; it shall be of white wool cloth,
it shall be cut 15mm (7 lines) shorter than the fronts of  the habit. The buttonholes shall be made in thread and backed by a little band of linen or "straight cloth" (droit-fil), which shall be the length of the buttons to line the openingof the button-holes. The buttons and button-holes shall number 10, and there shall be an open pocket on the right.There shall be placed on the base of the rear of the gilet,on the left side, between the two seams,a button of cloth,designed to fix the giberne: this button shall be 25mm (1 inch approximately) from the bottom of the gilet.

2. Collar of the gilet.
The collar shall be in wool cloth of the same colour as the body of the habit, closed by means of two hooks, it is 15mm,(7 lines) less than that of the habit.

3. Epaulettes of the gilet
There shall be attached to each shoulder a flap of cloth of the colour of the body of the habit lined with cloth of the colour of the gilet, this flap is of equal width at the top and the bottom, shall be 35mm (15 lines) wide, it is cut square at the bottom and stitched into the middle of the shoulder at the armhole seam: the upper part is rounded, it is attached to a little uniform button precisly fixed under the seam of the collar.

4. Sleeves and cuffs.

The sleeves and cuffs of the gilet shall be 15mm (6 lines sic.) shorter than those of the habit. The cuffs are of cloth of the colour of the body of the habit, they are open on the exterior seam of the sleeve without flap or piping: the cuff shall be 70mm (2.5 inches) high: the opening is extended 55mm (2 inches) above the cuff, and the second is 25mm (1 inch approximately) from the cuff. (sic)

5.Pockets of the gilet
The pockets of the gilet, consist of a flap 35mm (15 lines) wide at a height of 120, 125, or 130mm (4"6 lines, 8 lines, or 10 lines approximately), measured from the base of the  front of the gilet, the length of this flap shall be 190mm (7 inches); it comes to 55mm (2 inches approx) from the centre of the buttons. The depth of the pocket on the right shall be 110mm (4 inches approx); the pocket on the left
is only simulated.