The drummers were the voice of the regiment. Their drum calls were at the heart of the regiment. They were dressed like the gunners, but did not carry the giberne and belt or the bayonet. The uniform coat in full dress is described by Major Drouot as being like that of the Pontoneers, i.e with scarlet collar and facings. The collar, cuffs, revers, turn backs and long pockets were laced with gold (possibly gold with scarlet chevrons like the Grenadiers a Pied). In undress a  surtout with gold lace to the collar and cuffs was worn, with gold turnback grenades on the tails. NCO's epaulettes were worn with boat coats. The bonnet a poil had scarlet cords.


This was of white leather and was designed to protect the breaches from rubbing on the drum. The apron was suspended from a white leather waist belt and fastened to the leg by the means of two leather straps. All buckles were brass. It could be purchased from Maison Decomis 56 de la rue Verrerie a Paris for 8 francs.

Collier Porte-Caisse

The white leather drum carriage cost 8 francs.  Above the brass port bagette, a brass grenade device appeared. The port bagette cost 8 francs, the plaque 6,60 francs and the parade drum sticks were purchased from La Maison Bellanger au 36 rue de Petits Carreaux for 9 francs.


The drum had a brass body with light blue hoops,and white stay cords. The drum with spare skin and stays cost 64 francs, while a drum used by the ligne cost only 10 francs