Owww my head hurts.


 Where am I?

Skullknocker wrote: Check out that Poster !

StickMan wrote: equip yourself with mop and use bucket as head protection. then open door

Silaqi wrote: Check Inventory first.

 rougeknife wrote: Head to Storage and see what you can find.

rougeknife wrote: -Torch

rougeknife wrote: -small box (open it-find whats inside)

rougeknife wrote:
-Cupboard(probably locked... but try)

Yup it's locked. 

rougeknife wrote: Then, move those big boxes...

Silaqi wrote: Pick up the paper and read it

StickMan wrote: examine door mechanism

Looks like a card slot.

jeffez wrote:
Maybe the journal entry is 'special'. Try sliding that down the slot

Nothing happened

kLUMSY bOT wrote:
Use the mop to smash open the card reader thingy, and connect wires until the door opens.

No effect 

kLUMSY bOT wrote: Travel to maintainence. Leave none alive.

To be continued...