It's sunny and you want to work on your tan then pick the perfect terrace with ideal sun exposition, beautiful people and delicious drinks.








Top 5 Terraces



Marche au Charbon 91. 1000 Brussels. 7/7. 11am- ... Bar service .Sunhours: noon   til 4pm.Wifi

What can be said about this cafe that has not yet been said and repeated already? I mean really, the crowd is and remains interesting and perfectly balanced. The expat reading his/her newspaper having coffee, granny having croissant for breakfast with Japanese roasted tea, the eternal artists think-tanking in the corner over cocktails, lunch breakers tanning whilst having a soup, salad or lasagna,  the suits laptopping away whilst sipping on a beer they shouldn’t, the queers cruising the place, the Brussels elektro hip crowd… The delicious food -limited menu- suits the café and the public, the music varies between French chanson and elektro or pop and deep house depending on who has bar service that day.

Originality is stimulated, differences are welcomed, and Art is considered Life! The atmosphere is laid back, chilled, loungy, whichever word you prefer… They haven’t been open for that long, but it almost seems impossible to imagine Brussels without…


terrace, music, gay friendly, huge cheese plate for €2, large cocktails menu 


  one big happy family? crowded, hard to find tables and seats at times, junkies outside


 Place Poelaert. 7/7

« Never heard of it ! » I hear you say ! Do you know where the “Palace of Justice is? Have you seen the white elevator, bringing you from the Poelarts area straight down to the famous Marolles area? Have you gone roller skating on a Friday evening? The Palace of Justice, is built upon a hill (63m) which was called "Gallows hill" in the Middle Ages and used to be the biggest building in Europe! On the place Poelaert there is no café, no pub, no restaurant! Not one!

However, for a unforgettable night out in Brussels

Buy a bottle of wine - order a pizza - call up your friends to share food and liquids - sit down where ever you feel like and enjoy one of the most amazing panoramic views Brussels has to offer, savour the last rays of the sun glowing over the city

and remember… the best things in life are Free!




Place du Vieux Marché aux Grains 5. 1000 Brussels.Mon-Sat 11am-11pm. Sun 11am-6pm. Kitchen: 12am-               10.30pm.


The cafe here is part of the community centre and is responsible for most of the courses organised in Brussels throughout the year, from bio gardening on the roof to web designing and from sowing to Qi-Gong. In the heart of the popular Dansaert area in town, the customers are mostly quite arty, involved in literature or fashion or film. The interior offers a minimalist rather cold welcome… but once the sun appears, the atmosphere rises with the temperature. The place turns in to a central meeting point displaying more variety in the crowd which makes it more interesting. The kitchen offers us tasty lasagnes, salads and other snacks for very reasonable prices. They have some vegetarian options, which I consider thoughtful. The staff, although most of them very Flemish, kindly adapts to the language spoken by the customer. In short, a cool address to enjoy a refreshing drink in the shade under the trees or sun, a perfect place to have a light meal for a light price… in the centre of Brussels with a wonderful view on the Church of Saint-Catherine..


 atmosphere, food, service

 too flemish sometimes



Place du Jeu de Balle 21-22. 1000 Brussels.Café open 7/7. 7am-4pm. Resto open Tues-Sat 7pm-11pm. Sunhours: 10am-4pm. 

Great place to spend half a sunny day or even more. Start with coffee or hot chocolate with the market people, take your time to wake up, read the paper, start rolling up your sleeves, put on your sunglasses and hold on to your seat, because it is about to become one of the most desired objects of Brussels: a terrace seat which will guarantee you a nice tan during the next couple of hours while you peoplewatch the whole of Brussels and tourists gather for the quest of the market treasure. Enjoy an aperitif while going over the daily suggestions.. the cuisine has an Italian twist to it and is savoury, nicely presented, the portions are good and they offer democratic prices.  Staff is multilingual and multicultural and sometimes more motivated than efficient. But in this neighbourhood it just might be considered charming. Make sure to check out the concerts and small events they organise!!

sunhours, atmosphere, people,food, pricing

 When will you change your coffee brand?



Place E. Flagey. 1050 Brussels. 7/7 between 8am-2or3am. Kitchen open 7/7 from 9.30-11pm. wifi

 When will the place Flagey be released of its horrible construction site?

To make life easier, Wonder wizard owner Frédérique Nicolaï lay yet another golden egg. It took less then three months before Belga café became an ever shining star on the Brussels skyline. Admitted, the DJ-sets are fabulous, sipping cocktails outside on the street whilst watching a movie on a huge screen is pleasant, having a central meeting point before heading out for an event or other is very practical,  and with all those positive points.. .we still feel as if something is missing.

Is it because of the construction site?

Is it because clientele here is not as mixed and eclectic as in Nikolai’s other bars and that there is a much higher degree of m’as-tu vu’s?

Anyways, 5th place still because… if there is one thing Nicolaï does brilliantly it is reuniting people.


 Nicolaï, view on Ixelles lakes, nice huge terrace


 crowded, view on Flagey construction site, long to queue at the bar to be served 



Other Terraces

Walvis Walvis is back!!!

209, Rue Antoine Dansaert

1000 Brussels Open 7/7 from 08.30 til...




Parvis de Saint-Gilles 11.

1060 Saint-Gilles. Open 7/7 from 08.30 til...


Petit Bouchon

Rue de l'épée 26. 1000 Brussels. Open 7/7 from noon til ... Sunhours: noon-sunset



 Old England

Mim. Musical Instrument Museum. Montagne de la cour 2. 1000 Brussels. Tues-Friday 9.30-5pm. Sat-Sun 10am-5pm. Sunhours: 10am-5pm.



41, Rue Marché au Charbon. 1000 Brussels. 7/7 from 11am til midnight. Sunhours: noon til late afternoon  



16, Place Saint-Géry. 1000 BRussels. Open 7/7 from noon til midnight. 4am on Saturday. Sunhours: noon til late afternoon. Wifi


 L'Orangerie du Parc d'Egmont

Parc d'Egmont. 1000 Brussels. Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm. Sunhours: ten til evening         




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