Sheep in Brussels

Bruxelles Champêtre 2006

Sunday, September 17th. Poelaert Square. From 10am til 7pm.     


"Sheep in Brussels" is a much nicer title than « Rural Brussels » or « Sustainable development awareness in Brussels don't you agree?

Trust us on this one, this is a “not to miss” event. The whole Poelaert square will be transformed into beautifully green and soft grassland on which we can walk barefoot, have a picnic with our friends and imagine what Brussels would be like without cars in them. The animations are:


Prairie: 1000 square meters of grassland!


Bio market: a baker, brewer, cheese farmer, a florist,…


Farm animals: sheep, donkeys, ducks, rabbits and cows


Eco: information stand on sustainable development; eco-tourism, biological food, recycling,


Playground: archery, puppets, balloons, old wooden games


Various Musicians and animations

Note: 2003: 15000 people picnicked

        2004: 25000 people picknicked