Brussels' food sucks!

Enough of the mussels-fries-mayonaise-beer deal, the croques, pittas and pizzas??? Give a break to your stomach and discover something different, healthy, delicious, stylish and very very affordable!!! Our mission? To uncover the most hard to find, alternative places in Brussels where to eat awesome food.  So enjoy the ride and trust your guide eyes shut and mouth WIDE open...Hmmm...Yummi!  


Try some yummy food in...


The Brussels Grand Casino 

12-14, Rue Duquesnoy, 1000 Brussels. 

Reservations: +32/289 68 68. Near the Grand Place. Metro Central Station.        Open 7/7 from 7pm til 01pm.

For French Oriental Gastronomy                                     

 When I was invited for dinner at the Grand Brussels Casino, I did not expect a lot from the food they would be serving. Somehow I imagined badly decorated diners where one could quickly fill up ones tummy with mediocre food while going back and forth between slot machines and poker tables.  After member registration and the necessary headshots a hostess accompanied us upstairs, explaining that the downstairs food corner serves pasta’s and burgers and the gastronomic restaurant on the 1st floor serves very refined French cuisine with an oriental touch. Being half-Asian myself, the word « oriental » -meaning absolutely nothing in the world of gastronomy-, followed by « touch »,  in combination with the words French cuisine, normally gives me goose bumps. I did not feel different this time, so I went to have a chat with the Chefs. The entirely open kitchen made that very easy. There were two. They were both brought in from famous restaurants elsewhere. They both inspired confidence. One is French, the other Chinese. Hence the French Oriental cuisine. We were given a table across from the open kitchen on one side, and overlooking the entire game floor on the other side, close enough to feel the Casino vibe and far enough away from the noisy slot machines to enjoy the culinary experience awaiting us. The restaurant offers an a la carte menu, featuring the most classic of French delights, as well as 2 surprise menus, changing every two weeks. Seeing the price, my guest instantly went for the menu, I choose à la Carte, to widen the variety of dishes. My guest was served marinated fresh salmon with Sechuanpepper with a crunchy leek salad as first, followed by a piccata of chicken breast with fresh ricotta-cheese, aragula and pasta, and for dessert a tiramisu served with coffee. In the amazingly cheap price of 32 euros for the entire menu, the casino includes a half a bottle of Merlot 2006, red or white. I myself very much enjoyed the St-Jacques scallops, wrapped in chicories on a bed of creamy risotto as a first, followed by amazing sweetbread croquettes (veal) with cream, asparagus and white grapes .

It was absolutely delicious. Everything was just wonderfully spiced, perfectly cooked and charmingly and very professionally served. The cutlery and China are all Villeroy and Boch, the bread is home baked, the butter is real d’Isigny butter, the waiters discretely fill up the glasses of wine when necessary, all in all, it was a success! When the bill came, we were very surprised by how little we had to pay for this luscious food, but then we remembered: we are in the Brussels Grand casino, where the same golden rule applies as in all other casino’s; the house always wins… and with the chips we’re about to put on the tables.. they probably will!


40, Rue Alphonse de Witte, 1050 Brussels. near Place Flagey.                Reservations: +32/644 30 31. Open from 12am-2pm and from 7.30pm-10.30pm. Closed on Saturdays for lunch, on Sundays and Mondays.


 Fine French Cuisine with a * .. .  

Chez Marie… one of Brussels’ best and finest restaurants..

In how many Michelin star awarded restaurants does one actually feel at ease, comfortable, relaxed? In how many Michelin star awarded restaurants is the interior warm and welcoming, and in how many Michelin star awarded restaurants is the food excellent yet affordable and the staff attentive yet unpretentious? I  know one and it is Chez Marie.

The interior, with the wooden benches, the dark wood panelling and the gilded mirrors is finished off by a selection of nostalgic black and white portraits of nudewomen, making it feel more like a classy, cozy Brasserie.  Which one is Marie, I wonder…

The restaurant serves seasonal French cuisine, but not the heavy French cuisine, more the somewhat lighter and creative refined type.

I have been Chez Marie’s several times and dinner has always been absolutely and divinely perfect thanks to house Chef Lilian Devaux. Whether it is foie gras en terrine, cod, lobster, or game. The price? You pay about 45€ for a three course dinner, 56 for a four course dinner, without wine, of course, but you needn’t choose the most expensive bottle of wine on the wine card, you can just as easily take a glass of wine (or two). Daniel Marcil, a renowned Canadian sommelier, is number two behind “Chez Marie”, and this explains why the restaurant holds a cellar with more then 300 bottles from over 15 countries.

Interesting detail: this restaurant, for those who know him, is the baby of  Frederik Nicolay, now owner of Zebra, Bonsoir Clara, Pathé Palace, Mappa Mundo, …

If you’re hesitant or worried about the money you’d spend.. why not have a fabulous lunch Chez Marie’s? You can try out a 2course lunch for the ridiculous price of 17€!!!

Needless to say that reservation is necessary!

Bon Appétit!




Rue de la grande île, 34. 1000 Brussels. Hidden behind the Place Saint Géry.+32477/20.20.90. Open all evenings from Tuesday til Sunday.    Pasta restaurant with DJ on we!

Nicely hidden away between Café Fontainas and the Saint Géry Place is a great hangout for weekend dining amongst friends. There is one thing though: you absolutely must like pasta, or this is not a place for you!

The dark walls and used colours such as aubergine and burgundy set a tone of intimacy and contrast in regards to most other interior restaurant settings… the turntable adds a touch of originality to the somewhat mysterious atmosphere… Unsure of whether it merely serves as decorative aspect or not, we are greeted in a very casual way by the waitress. We like!

We are four people tonight, Friday night and in the mood for buzzing Brussels. Nobody is in for a first, so we immediately attack the mains. When the lovely waitress returns for our order she notes one linguine with scampi and cherish tomatoes, one linguine clams, one tortellini (small) with veal and rocket and one tortelloni (large) ricotta and spinach with sage for our vegetarian friend. We order a bottle of Pinot Grigio to accompany the food and talk about the relaxed atmosphere here… the owner comes by for a chat, the DJ is spinning some cool tunes on the turntables, the crowd looks laid back as if they were in their own lofty lounge listening to a DJ they had hired. The food is beautifully presented and smells lovely.

During our dinner, I have picked out of every plate on our table and I am happy and satisfied… the cook is Italian and I can taste it. The pasta is Al dente, the clams are fresh and well seasoned, the scampi are perfectly cooked, the tortelloni are home made, the tortelloni with sage tastes absolutely delicious.

It is eleven o’clock, the restaurant is completely full, the music’s grooving, we encounter our very sympathetic Icelandic neighbours, the food and wine are great and the bill adds up to a 30 person!!! Brusselsucks? ;-)


  staff, food, atmosphere, Dj in the house

  for those of you who like peace and quiet, it can be somewhat noisy, especially on weekends!



Chaussée d'Alsemberg 103. 1060 Brussels. 02/534 13 03. Open:12am-2pm/6pm-Midnight.
Closed: Sunday, Monday noon & Saturday noon. Mushroom restaurant.

Pierre Lefevre et Philippe Emanuelli are the owners of this unique restaurant. One is slightly obsessed with wines and has worked with the best sommeliers in Europe, the other is passionate about mushrooms and Cuisine.

Their common goal: combining excellence with simplicity and sharing it.

Here it is all about mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms, fungi, dried mushrooms, shiitake, Morel mushrooms, Porcini and truffle infused mushrooms… depending on the mushroom harvest and the pick the owners compose the most amazing and mouth watering dishes such as Saint-Marcellin cheese with Morel Mushrooms, Pig’s feet pastilla with Blue mushrooms, crème brulée of mushrooms with foie gras, …

The décor is charming and intimate with wooden tables everywhere, bottles of wine all around, candles, a big chalkboard on the wall with inspirations of the moment.

The atmosphere is relaxed and cosy and nothing stands in your way of having a hallucinating evening! Count about 25-40 Euros for a main and wine.


 food, decor


 Quite pricey wines

 Cash only



Rue Royale 290. 1210 Brussels. (Botanique). Open for lunch from Mon-Friday. Open for dinner on Thursday, Friday&Saturday. 02/217.08.02.    Natural French Cuisine


The kitchen of the forgotten vegetables…  coming to this restaurant is so much more than going out for dinner… it is a pure treat to immerse in the universe of two such passionate people as Nicola and Nicolas. Nicola in charge of interior decoration, from the astonishing photos and high quality linen to the floral decoration,  and Nicolas behind the stoves, concocting dishes with rare flowers, forgotten herbs and plants, proposing amazing colour combinations and wondrous food presentations.

An Agastache is actually a many scented perennial (mint&pepper) and a Tongka is Venezuelan bean.

They propose an amazing lunch formula for a mere 12Euros, and in the evening you can eat à la carte, however, if it were up to us… try out Les Exquises d'Agastache” for only 33 euros you can choose between 4 firsts, 3 mains, a selection of cheese and desserts, and you get to go inside the kitchen and have a chat with the Chef himself! Check out the site for the menu .. it changes every two weeks.

The secret of succes lies in the freshness of the produce .. Chefs often say.. Agastache & Tongka offer you the freshest produce available, they travel long journeys to find just that ingredient or spice or herb that will lift that plate to a higher level.

So for a classy, enchanting and mouthwatering evening… come here and enjoy the “Happy Cooking”.



  food, staff, interior, excellent choice of wines

  Let me know  



Rue Keyenveld 36.1050 Brussels. Open Monday-Friday from noon til 2.30pm. Open Mon-Sun from 6pm til.. Reservations 02/512 69 99     Brasserie - Belgian Cuisine

 For those of you with sudden cravings for good old Belgian cuisine and for those of you wishing to find out what it represents in the first place, Brassins is the perfect spot to go to.

Hidden behind the busy Chaussée d’Ixelles, in the street where Audrey Hepburn was born, this typical Belgian Tavern reminds us three keywords of Life: Friendship, Joy and Food!!!

No place for frills and thrills here, just all wooden walls embellished with metal plates of forgotten beers, wooden tables, a big blackboard summarising the day’s specials and good portions of Belgian stew, goulash, “stoemp”, (mashed potatoes with a mixture of sausages) delicious fries, tasty steaks, mouth-watering game in the season and other Belgian dishes..

Since this cuisine is not the lightest there is, we advise you to choose amongst one of the 50 beers to help you digest. On our night out we had the veal goulash and a filet mignon, both with yummie fries. The two mains plus specialised beers and desert added up to a 32.30€ bill.

Remember: this place is packed midday (they do a main for lunch for only 7.50!) and evening, so make reservations.


ambiance, waiting staff, food, wine- and beer selection


     the chocolate mousse was somewhat on the heavy side



Rue des Tanneurs 60. 1OOO Brussels. Mon-Fri from 7.30am til 5.30 pm. Sundays from 10am-4pm.

 French Cuisine

RDV @ les Halles des Tanneurs… we are early and the first to be present for lunch. We choose a table providing us with an perfect view of the room, the floral atelier, the bar, the food counter and the upstairs library. Sky high ceilings create a quite imposing opening and the combination of white brick walls with metal structured staircases and lightning installations give the whole a temporary and spacious feel. The large orange lamps provide the sense of warmth we thought was missing when we first entered. The staff welcomes us warmly and seems just a bit too eager to serve their first clients. When we ask about the coffee, the reply is given that it is “Lavazza” coffee and that the machine is manually operated should we have special desires.

While we chatter away over our very good coffees, the place fills up and the Chefs descend with their freshly prepared food. Cold dishes are put behind glass in the food counter and warm dishes are served in the Bain Marie with copper top. Welcome in La Cantine des Halles de Tanneurs. We read on the chalkboard that the tomato cream soup is 4€, three choices of the Salad bar are 8€, 5 choices are 10€ and the meal of the day is 10€ also. I must admit that after one look at the salad bar, neither of us paid any attention to the dish of the day. We return to our seats with on my plate: Red Tuna tartare, beautifully presented, translucent slices of prosciutto crudo, and  a piece of home made Terrine de volaille with mushrooms. Added to this plate is some lettuce, and cauliflower. H chooses the same Tuna tartare, home made roast beef, and slices of halibut with some Italian lettuce and lentils. Our idle chatter is replaced by mmmhh’s and ooooh’s and more mmmhhh’s. Everything on our plate looked mouthwatering, tasted divinely and for food of this quality, was amazingly low-priced. We paid a total of 12€each, glass of wine included. This is beyond doubt going to be Brussels next meeting point for future Sunday brunches.



food, pricing, staff, classy place, interior, library

 plastic menu cards for a place like this?



Rue Francart 11. 1050 Brussels. Open Tuesday-Saturday from noon til 2pm and from 7pm til 9.30pm. On Saturday from 6pm til 9pm.  Reservations: 02.502.28.93 Japanese Soupbar



And yet another treasure of the capital! This is a Japanese soup bar, where you will see the people standing in line about a half hour before the restaurant opens.

There is but one table for two in the back, and one counter fitting about 10 customers. If all full, you just sit on the couch and read a manga waiting for your turn to be served.  Menu’s are in Japanese and French. They serve about 5 different soups and the best Gyoza I have ever tasted. (Gyoza: porc dumplings which are steamed first and then briefly fried to crispness on but one side of the ravioli).

Not a place for a get together with the gang  because it turns out to be quite challenging communicating while sitting behind a counter. A large number of customers would also make it even harder, if not impossible to get a seat.

It is no place for romantic dining and wining either, because at times it can be somewhat odd to eat whilst hungry people are waiting and observing behind you. 

But knowing all that, come here for a divine taste of what Japanese cuisine may have to offer… and enjoy the mystifying illusion of voyage in your hometown.

On our night out, we had 8pcs of dumplings, the miso Katsu Ramen with and without garlic and two Japanese beers. Total amount spent: 34€.



 Atmosphere, food

 a seat is hard to get and a good deal of patience is required but definitely wort it!


Rue du Tabellion 31. 1050 Brussels. Open Monday-Friday from noon til 2.15pm and from 7pm til 11pm. Sat&Sun open between 7pm and 11pm. Reservations 02/5393910  

Mediterranean Cuisine.

Dear Foodsucks, i want to celebrate my birthday with 11 friends. We want to go out for dinner somewhere nice, not too fancy, not too expensive, where they have good food, a pleasant atmosphere and where there will be something for everyone on the menu”.

Whilst some places offer exquisite food and lousy service, other propose tantalizing decors and terrible food. Finding the perfect balance is one of the keys to success.

Thierry Lapicore understand this and created a spot where everything seems to dance in perfect harmony.

The décor is warm, cosy and colourful. Staff is laid back, efficient and attentive. The atmosphere is convivial. The prices are extremely competitive for this neighbourhood and

the food is honest, tasty and copious. What more would one desire? On the menu we find sunny pasta’s and Mediterranean pizza, rich salads, fish and meat for the less adventurous and suggestions from la douce Provence, hometown of the owner. The wine can be purchased per cm, which is great when you’re dining alone or joined by non-drinkers and if you’re really fond of it Thierry is the kind of person who would offer to have a case of wine brought over from France. Just to satisfy the customer.

So Sarah, pick up that phone, call Café Panisse, make reservations and let us know how your evening went. Happy Birthday!


 Atmosphere, red housewine, feels like holiday

 Full house most of the time, quite noisy when full house and thus not for intimate dinners, except maybe during the week



Rue du Prince Royal 6. 1050 Brussels. Open Monday-Saturday from noon til 2.30pm and from 6pm til 10.30pm. Reservations  02/513 91 06.     Vietnamese/Thai cuisine

More and more « Asian » restaurants walk away from the kitschy golden pink running waterfall interiors and choose for a sober, modern Zen-like interior which stimulates the appetite rather than distract it. Coin d’Asie is one of them.

We are welcomed with a warm smile and a charming Asian accent. The restaurant is half full and those present seem to be regulars. A good sign. We strategically choose a kitchen view table. Not being very hungry and in total lack of inspiration after a long day of work we go for the “Boeuf sauté à la citronelle piquant and the Pâtes de riz sautées au 3 viandes, scampis” accompanied by a Vietnamese beer and jasmin tea. Having discretely observed the Chef during preparation I noticed a focused yet relaxed attitude behind the stove and saw that he was smiling constantly while cooking. Now thàt is something I have rarely seen!

The waitress brings our beautifully presented dishes and the Chef wishes us Bon Appétit.

Two meals so easily to prepare and yet very often things go wrong. We have been served overcooked rice pasta, too greasy sauces with way too much Soy sauce, merely onions as vegetables, leathery beef, etc... but this food is delicious! These rice noodles go straight up to my top 3! The shrimps are opened, the chicken tender, not greasy at all, the vegetables are still a bit crispy. Yummie. Across the table the rice is perfect, the beef tender and impeccably spiced. Yummie.

This is simple, subtle, very savoury food eaten in a warm atmosphere with friendly staff and a smiling Chef who loves contact with the customers.

When the bill of €23 is presented he tells us he has another restaurant in Ixelles called Chào.

We scribble the address on our “places to go to” list and leave light-heartedly and satisfied.

 Atmosphere, food, price,

 we did not  quite appreciate the radio music but they told us they were making some easy listening cd's...



Rue du Bon Secours 4. 1000 Brussels. Open Tuesday til Saturday from 10am-6pm. Reservations: 02/502.24.26 Gourmet Deli   

When you’re in the Fontainas/Soleil area, officially called “Le quartier de la Senne” and you do not feel like meeting all your bar buddies, an alternative might be to disappear into the calm and delicious gourmet world of refined foods found in the

“L’épicerie fine et salon de dégustation La Senne”.

Be aware however that the above are not parallel universes. We are talking absolute refinement, subtle flavors, worldly spices, innovating condiments, and above all Love. Here we have two young people with impeccable taste, a trained eye for detail, a natural commercial flair, and last but not least, a talent for cooking, preparing, spicing, and presenting food.

We come here to enjoy, to savor.

Today we are lucky, the sun is shining. We are given a table on the terrace and are smilingly presented the chalk board on which the specials are written. Not feeling very inspired by it, I go inside to catch a glimpse at what the lady of the house has been preparing.. It all just looks so appealing! We begin with a fresh baobab juice and ginger juice followed by a lasagna and a vegetarian panini. I taste zucchini spread, rocket leaves, melted mozzarella, tender figs and sun dried tomatoes on crisper than crisp bread. The panini is accompanied by a small bowl of steamed vegetables with some balsamic vinegar sprinkled over it. Perfect. The lasagna does not only look lovely, it is delicious; the meat is delicately seasoned, the vegetables are still somewhat crispy, the tomato sauce taste as if actually has real tomatoes in it (!) and the whole just tastes light and fresh and one can tell it is prepared by someone who loves cooking and has respect for ingredients. While waiting for the bill I look at the products for sale (products which are used in their preparations!), my eye falls on the honey jar with white truffle, Israeli cookies, the aromatized salt from Sweden and a beautiful bottle of balsamic cream from Italy. I must return. It was 11€ for the lasagna ( a bit more expensive than elsewhere but definitely worth it since it is homemade and fresh), 4.20€ for the panini of the day.

Lovely&fresh food, attentionate service, peppermills on the table, interior decoration,...

 Now is still terrace time, so i don't know just how cosy the place will be in winter time...



Chaussée de Vleurgat 5. 1050 Brussels. Closed on Sundays and Mondayevening.       02/640 42 80. Take out also.                        Pizzeria al taglio

Lovely ! A tiny little place near the Place Flagey where they sell Pizza al taglio; meaning that the pizza is rectangular and not round. Out of this big square pizza are cut (tagliare) smaller square portions, hence Pizza al taglio.

As said the place is tiny and offers place for about 10 people, if you’re lucky (or bold) you can catch one of the two terrace tables. All of the staff speak with a heavy Italian accent, there are Italian guests, these are good signs… we worm ourselves through the crowd towards the counter and ooh this smells and looks wonderfully. A beautiful Italian lady explains that you can choose individual portions and pay for them by weight (price per kilo) or take two pieces and one drink for 6€. Not being in the mood for antipasti, we go for the second formula, and since there’s two of us we’ll be able to taste 4 different flavors. We have the patate al tartufo, (thin slices of potato with truffle) porcini salsiccia, (cèpes mushroom and Italian sausage) pachino piccante (spiced up cherry tomatoes) and the prosciutto cotto (cooked ham)… We managed to get a terrace table sit and we sit in the sun with a gorgeous plate of Italian pizza and ditto wine We taste a piece of thin crusted pizza, go over the spices, oils, ingredients and decided we are happy with what we’ve eaten. Our absolute favorite was the one with the potato slices with truffle, demonstrating a perfect balance of Mediterranean flavors. I was a bit reluctant about the sausage/cèpes mushroom but it turned out I had absolutely no reason to. It was simply luscious. The two tomato based pizza asked for more although they did seem to have put too much olive oil on one of them. But hey, let’s not be too critical! Closing our eyes we gasp in the scent of pizza and coffee, let the sunrays caress our skins and listen to the Sicilian spoken around us...  we imagine the sound of the waves and the sailing boat with it and silently smile while we eat. And this, two feet away from the Flagey square

 Pizza al taglio in Brussels! Yippie

 Dispite lots of light, the place is really really small.. so if you're claustrophobic, do take out!



Rue Berckmans 98. 1060 Brussels. Closed on Sat.noon & Sundays. Reservations: 02/538.90.63. Italian


Being an absolute Italo-addict i have eaten in most Italian restaurants Brussels has to offer. Some are good, but not that good. Some give all their Italian dishes French names and charge twice the price, some turned out anything but Italian and some…although rare, are just perfect. Like this one.

Come here alone to have your favourite meal, to celebrate forgotten anniversaries with your Lover,  to satisfy sudden cravings for Tiramisu late at night, with overseas friends, for lunch meetings or to have your Birthday dinner. Any excuse is a good one. The oh-so Italian waiters welcome you in the same way whether you’re being you or whether you are a celebrity (and there are quite a few), whether you have a thincrusted mouthwatering pizza margarita with a glass of house wine or choose the most expensive menu options accompanied by their Amarone della Valpolicella worth over a 100Euros. And that is how it is supposed to be! The keywords of the two Tuscan owners are: authenticity, joy, sharing, simplicity and correct pricing.

It offers all of that and so much more. Downside here again… the place is packed, packed, packed. So please make reservations, and don’t bother to come when you’re in a hurry, because all happens on Italian rhythm… the calmer moments are on Monday and Tuesday evenings or during first services, which means that you eat at 7pm and leave by 20.30pm. With a suggestion board changing every two days (read out loud or sang out loud depending on the waiters' mood!), fresh antipasti, daily arrival of fish, homemade pasta, perfect pizzas, lovely service and a great atmosphere,

Sale, Pepe & Rosmarino offers you a taste of Italian Paradise in the midst of Saint-Gilles!

food, pricing, staff, atmosphere

full house most of the time



Rue Blaes 159. 1000 Brussels. Closed on Mondays and Wednesdays. Open from round nine til round four. African


Located right behind the bus stop for bus 48 on the famous flea market place, the Place du jeu de balle, one very easily walks passed this little bar/eating place run by Naffi, our fantastic hostess from Senegal. Baskets of fruit in the window, and a slate not showing us what is served for lunch today. It is a tiny place, holding just one counter but more then enough for Naffi. She serves only one meal per day and her choice might depend on her mood, the weather, how inspired she feels, what spices she feels like sharing… it could be anything really…

As we sit behind the counter, she tells us stories making us feel as if we have known her for ever. I withhold from an instant urge to hug this woman I have never seen before. But back to the food. Naffi is stirring in a big saucepan and tells us she felt like making a yellow coconut curry with peppers and chicken tenders with sweet potatoes. “Do you wish to drink something while you wait?” “Yes we do, what do you propose?” “Let me surprise you, you look like you could use some vitamins”. And there comes a huge glass of fresh pineapple juice, mango and ginger. It is the best ever.

Feeling instantly revived we are now ready to eat. And there comes a big plate of honest, fresh, deliciously spiced food, prepared on the stove as if the lady of the house were at home cooking for the family. It was 4Euros for the juice and 9 for the lunch.

Thank you Naffi!


 Naffi's welcome, tasty food, juices,  atmoshpere

 Do not come here when you are in a hurry!



Rue du Prévot 86. 1050 Brussels. Open 7/7. Reservations: 02/534.09.53 Japanese.Teppanyaki


Divine. There is no other word to describe the food in this restaurant. Finally a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant where the bill doesn’t ruin the serenity of the meal. Service is very discrete and surprisingly attentive at the same time. Should you be seated at one of the round tables you will have a perfect view on one of the Chefs performing his culinary magic and perfect timing. It is mind blowing what they can do with their knives and peppermills! But then.. the food… you can choose between 4 different menus starting from 18Euros (!) … or choose to eat à la carte. If you are into refinement and subtlety on a culinary level, here is where you find it. The sushi are perfect, the sashimi just melts in your mouth, whether it is octopus or red tuna or salmon. The chicken filet has a crunchy crust and is tender on the inside, the teriyaki sauce is the best we’ve ever had, the salad tastes lovely and refreshing, and we could go on like that for a while… really...

A great idea for an unforgettable Birthday-evening if the birthday girl/boy loves good food and doesn’t have more than 7 friends because the tables are for eight.


 Food, freshness of ingredients, zenlevel, pricing!

 maybe too calm for some of you!




Rue Lesbroussart 13.1050 Brussels. Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm. Soupbar


If you demand absolute freshness of your ingredients, healthy food, a warm welcome, a cosy atmosphere and a low bill, this is a MUST for you. The Massoud sisters prove us it is possible to serve healthy dishes with market fresh ingredients and keep the cost low for the client.

The daily suggestions are handwritten on slates and today we read: red Indian (tomato with world spices) and Lebanese lentil soup for the warm soups and for the cold soups:  a courgette gazpacho, basil pesto soup with rocket or a pumpkin soup with coriander and pine nuts. Yummie! And how thoughtful! You can choose between one big bowl or two small bowls if you’re curious to taste different things like we are. So let’s see, on my platter I have two small bowls of soup, two slices of home made bread, and a bowl of great looking wheat salad for 6.5Euros!!!

What else is there to say? Ah yes, you can eat the soup inside, on the terrace under the magnificent magnolia tree or you can do take out. Re-using the Oups bag earns you a stamp and ten stamps get you a free home made dessert!!!

 food, service, atmosphere, over twenty different soups a week!!!

 if you find something let us know.



Rue marché au Charbon 98. 1000 Brussels.(across from Fontainas). Open Mon-Sat from midday to 3pm and from 6pm till 11pm.Wokfood.

Waow.  A no nonsense, no frills, Asian snack which brings back memories of the street vendors in Asia. This must be the cheapest in Brussels! We were in town just the other day, wondering what to eat for lunch. Not wanting to spend 15Euros for lunch but being bored out of our minds eating horrible sandwiches, we were not sure what the compromise was going to be. And there was Mister Polo from Hong Kong to help us choose between rice or noodles, vegetarian or not, chicken or meat, Chinese beer or Belgian beer. We decided to go for the vegetarian sautéed rice and the sautéed noodles with chicken for across the table.

In goes Mister Polo to wok it all. 3 minutes later he returns from the kitchen with our plates well filled and a smile like Asians can give. From the Heart.

It was 3.5 Euros for the veggie rice and 6 for the chicken noodles!!!

See you in a couple of days Mister Polo!


 price, real wokking, simplicity 


 decor, service..



 LE BAZAAR         

Rue des Capucins 63. 1000 Brussels. Closed on Sun-Mon. French Cuisine with Mediterranean influences.  



What a magical place! I have been there several times for drinks and cocktails... but i have never actually had dinner there. Until yesterday when we checked out the ceedee presentation of Ghalia Benali. Take some time when you enter to discover the hot air balloon in which the bar seems to dissapears, Alice's clock, the colours of the kilims on the walls, the different shades of light, the music, the story this place tells... it just all seems a perfect match somehow. And to think all this is purely the work of the creative Heart and Hands of one of the owners, Nadia, and not that of a trendy interior decorator! But back to the food. The place being fully packed the restaurant only served 2 different types of Mezze tonight. My choice, the chicken tandoori, moroccan salad, hummus and taboulé was a portion too small to fill my stomach,  spiced too carefully to my taste and overpriced. (8EUR) . The wine was served too cold.

What bothered me terribly was that i had been asked to pay my bill the moment the waitress served the dish. This to ensure that nobody would leave during the concert without having paid . When i eat i do not want to let my food become cold and have one hand in my wallet and the other in my plate. On top of that we were eight, and it turned into real chaos when the very efficiënt and friendly waitress told us that management had decided not to accept credit cards on this peticular evening! We shall return thinking that the place is too beautiful to be "judged" in a negative way after one night of chaos. To be continued...

The Bazaar is not one of the cheaper place to go to, but definitely worth a visit in my book.

decor, music, ...

price, service ...


HONG HOA          

Rue du Pont de la Carpe 10. 1000 Brussels.  Open 7/7: 12.00-23.00          Vietnamese Cuisine


Now here is a place where one always leaves happy and satisfied. You have surely passed it without even noticing it. This is a very small restaurant, very tastefully decorated with a warm and cosy atmosphere perfect for an intimate one on one, or lunch/dinner with a few friends. They only have tables for two/four people, so if you're more, it becomes complicated. It's just not that kind of place. A counter is available for the loners amongst us. Nice to able to eat alone in a restaurant without feeling guilty about taking up an entire table! If you go there for lunch you'll meet the absolutely gorgeous and funny owner,Min-ti, looking out after her clients with an eye for detail. The food is always delicious, at any time of day or evening. Delicately flavoured, fresh vegetables, nicely presented, good portions and very importantly very low prices compared to all the other Vietnamese restaurants! This time i ordered spicy triangles with chickenfilling and ricepasta with vegetables and meat as main. I enjoyed the chicken which was harmoniously spiced up with ginger and chili and lemongrass, and the ricepasta was just perfectly cooked, they did not add too much soysauce (a mistake very often made) and subtily flavoured. So for a simple, very tasty and very affordable meal...this is definitely a place 2 visit. Enjoy!

decor, waiting staff and service, 7/7 non stop,  quality of food, price!!! Vegetarian options.

music, (i'm not a Mariah Carey fan, and certainly not when she decides to squeal in Thai), they don't take reservations.




20, Rue de la Samaritaine. 1000 Brussels. Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 7pm onwards. 


Organic World Fusion


 Food for your Mind, Body and Soul is what the two sisters from Finland, Nina and Linda Rosas offer us. It is quite risky to open a restaurant in Brussels serving only healthy food. It is still -unfortunately-associated by too many people with underbaked tofu and overcooked lentils. But none of those here!

  “Soul” proposes food without refined sugar, additives or dairy products and know that food and certain combinations or cooking methods can be very beneficial to our general wellbeing.

“Are you feeling somewhat tired? May I propose the Asian flavoured salmon tartar?”

“Have you been under a lot of stress lately? May I suggest then the coconut infused chicken on a bed of exotic salad?”

I mean really, I you believe in all of this, like I do, then you become a regular customer.

If you don’t buy all the culinary, energetic, curative hocus pocus, then come here once, and you will become a believer and a regular customer!

The restaurant is located very near the Sablon, but sheltered from the town noise, and not so easy to find, as if humans need some time to discover the Rosas' way of cooking. When you enter here, you immediately sense the positive vibes, the simplicity, the originality of the concept.

Notice the details: you can drink biological beer, sip a carrot juice while tasting hummus with balsamic vinegar as you go through the menu, all wines served are biological, it is a non-smoking establishment and vegetables have rarely looked as sexy as on the pictures on the walls!

 concept, service, decor, food, originality

 somewhat expensive