Designer Food

DESIGN BRUSSELS 2006  - til the 17th of September!

Design Brussels 2006 does not only focus on fashion and interior conception this year, but shares a piece of the pie with the wonderful world of contemporary haute cuisine, hence “food design”.

10 of Brussels finer Chefs “designed” a very affordable three course menu according to this years theme: Black and White!

It is Christelle Verheyden (food designer at our own Food and Wine Academy) and Eric Boschman who orchestrated this marvellous event in collaboration with the Chefs who are, more than ever , striving to acquire the perfect balance between the choice of ingredients, it’s method of preparation and its presentation.



Restaurant Bocconi – Hôtel Amigo (with awardwinning Master Chef Giuseppe Colella) proposes the following menu:


Mushroom Salad with black truffle

Risotto with cuttlefish ink and scallops

Chocolate Tartuffo with vanilla cream

Price: 50 Euros, wine and water included!!!


Please check the website for all the participants’ extraordinary menu proposals and the website for info on Black&White wine course proposed by Eric and info on a Black&White cooking course organised by Christelle.