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What is foodsucks all about?

       F O O D

During my 1st visit to NYC, my colleague and i entered the room of our hotel. Having arrived at 2pm , not xpected for dinner until 9pm and totally starving, i threw my luggage on the bed, grabbed my wallet, a hotel businesscard and my coat. Ready to breathe and eat Manhattan! Collegue K. sits stifly and uncomfortably on the edge of the bed and said that she was going to stay in the room. K hardly spoke English, had never been to NY before, didn't know where to get lunch and was afraid to get lost.

Now folks, tell me, how do we define the word "lost"? Can we really, actually get lost?

Is it not in the discovery of the unknown that we find a spoken smile? An unforgettable adventure? A magical moment? A mystical encounter? Culinary bliss?

I do not want anyone of you to sit on the edge of some bed, hesitating to go out... just because you do not know where to go! You have no excuses anymore ... foodsucks is here ... with funky adressess of bars, restaurants, diners, tea-houses, markets, ... and a monthly culinary column in which at least one selected restaurant and one bar will be described in full detail. So come on, turn off your cruise control and GPS and come with me on a culinary voyage through Brussels tasting, feeling, savouring, feeling and touching ...                                                          SOULFOOD

          S U C K S