This project is an online maker space where we can share too
ls to tell stories we think are important about food.
We focus on learning stories, either in the form of records from community-based research that are shared so that others can learn from them -- or in the form of collections of various experiences and records that have been shared on the site.

We are starting with stories that have come from community collaborations around food in Minnesota, and branching out to related sets of stories around clusters of food work, for example about:
  • ways people have successfully secured land to produce food
  • ways people have addressed things that bothered them about the way food is produced and distributed
  • amazing things we think more people should know and care about and be able to participate in

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FoodShed Projects -- anyone should be able to open and edit this doc by clicking the link above

To see the interface we are building for "learning modules" in the online software Scalar, you can view one of our early prototypes on the Real Food Challenge here.

Video editing project details linked here.