There are two vacuum sealers readily available to purchase with the SousVide Supreme. The first, and also older VSD101 variation, expenses ₤ 72 and also functions just with completely dry products. Top Picks by Kitchenopedia The new vacuum sealer VS3000 costs a bit much more at ₤ 99 however indicates that you can have some liquid guaranteed.

We have actually been utilizing both versions for a number of months and also while they're both excellent, we believe the new version is a champion. Below's just how they accumulate.


The VS3000 leaves a moderately small footprint on your cooking area counter. It's a little longer than the VSD101 however is far narrower. It's also a whole lot squarer which suggests it could be stored a lot much easier in the corner of a cabinet.

The VS3000 well developed and also well made. The top panel has a brilliant joint device that lifts it high and out of the way to provide very easy access to the oil catch. Food Vacuum Sealer A firm press with both hands and it secures area, solidly.

And also that's the VS3000's party item-- you can leave up to one as well as a fifty percent tablespoons of fluid in the bag. This indicates you could include a little marinade, olive oil or lemon juice rather than simply making use of a completely dry rub.

It's an actually helpful enhancement and also implies you can include much more flavour into your dishes. It doesn't function flawlessly. You still have to keep an eye on the fluid and struck the seal button as soon as you see it being gobbled. It's not the end of the world if some does, however, as the trap will hold it and the plastic flaps will certainly maintain the motor secure. What is annoying is that the trap can not be gotten rid of for cleansing. This means you'll should get in there with a cloth as well as a something pointy to clean all the nooks and crannies.

Apart from damp sealing the Vacuum Sealer VS3000 additionally uses 2 degrees of suction-- gentle as well as regular. Gentle, as you would certainly expect, is useful for even more fragile food like particular veggies and you can additionally seal without making use of the suction whatsoever, if needed.


The VSD101 vacuum sealer is a somewhat a lot more primitive recommendation and while it is durable it is chunky and also the rounded top means it's a little tricky to store. With just one nozzle it doesn't offer fairly as much suction power as the VS3000 and neither does it have 2 suction levels. Unusually sufficient its catch is much easier 2 clean even though this is not implied as a wet vacuum sealer. The catch is a whole lot bigger and also has less fiddly areas so is much easier to wipe compared to the VS3000.

Also though the VSD101 has fewer features it is a bit much more tough to use. Because of the closing system that needs rather a fair quantity of pressure to click shut, this is mainly.

if you're splashing out on a SousVide Supreme now we certainly suggest you decide for the newer VS3000 vacuum sealer.. You will not be sorry for the additional ₤ 28 over the versatility it will certainly bring to your cooking in the future.

It you currently have the VSD101 after that it's probably not quite worth updating. While we love the damp seal alternatives the more recent model supplies it is a little bit of a pain to clean.

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