CJD (Sporadic) and Alzheimer's Disease

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The increase in sporadic CJD and its misdiagnosis as Alzheimer's Disease.

The 1 in 33,000 figure, used in the presentation, is a 'headline figure'. It would be very difficult to generalise to 30 cases per million or 1,800 cases in the total U.K. population. These figures are only intended as a starting point for further investigation.

This 1 in 33,000 figure, is taken from the 'Justice for Andy' website see blog for Friday 8th January 2010.

CJD is no longer a rare disease according to University College London's Prion Unit. In a UCL lecture, on December 8th 2009, he stated that: "In a person's lifetime the risk of developing sporadic CJD is now 1 in 33,000".

The figure could be as high as 1 in 9,000 in the United States.  Although this appears to be for over age 50's only.

One of the problems, with estimating the number of people with CJD, is that there may not be enough testing being undertaken.

More testing is needed for CJD; whether this is sporadic CJD or new variant CJD.