Comment: It is possible that some sporadic CJD in Britain may be caused by BSE

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YouTube Video


The NHS Choices Video is below.

YouTube Video

This video is a response to the Director of the Prion Clinic on the topic of  Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD).
This response video comments upon the 'NHS Choices'  video in the bottom left.  The section at 2 minutes 40 seconds is relevant.   
In the 'NHS Choices' video, only one strain of BSE-related CJD is mentioned. In other words, just variant CJD. 
The commentary on CJD, in the bottom video, appears to be different to the findings of his own research from 2002.
The work discussed below suggests that there is more than one strain of BSE-related CJD; albeit in mice.

To summarise, BSE may cause the sporadic type of CJD.  Therefore, 'the true threat of human BSE may be hidden'.  
See the BBC article below for the full story.

See the link below for an article from Nature: prion data suggest BSE link to sporadic CJDAnother journal article makes a simiar point.

A journal paper suggests that variant CJD is propagated (caused or transmitted) as sporadic or variant-like CJD strain in the brain of mice (i.e. there appear to be two strains in mice).

There are Edinburgh University figures for different types of CJD in the United Kingdom.

Commentary on Sporadic Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease
The problem is that some apparently "sporadic" (cases of the) disease could be linked with BSE too, which is now under investigation".
According to the scientist "the incidence of Sporadic CJD (which affects older people) has risen each year. We could say its because we are better at diagnosis, but I believe it could be due to BSE in the food chain; which can make people more susceptible to developing sporadic CJD. I have also seen much younger cases of sporadic CJD patients. I dont think that's a coincidence".
Research has linked some cases of sporadic CJD to BSE.  See "New strain of BSE disease discovered".
It may not be accurate to suggest that cases of sporadic CJD are entirely random or without any cause.