BSE: The Over 30 Month Rule after March 1996

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YouTube Video

 A Powerpoint which looks at the Over 30 Month Rule and BSE testing.

There was a safety breach for BSE testing which was 
discussed in a Guardian article, from 2006. 

There is a BBC video on the lifting of the 30 Month Rule.  Quotes from the BBC video report:

"There is no way of knowing if you are eating older beef".

"There is no requirement to label it at over 30 months".

"The government is absolutely sure there is no danger".

There is an interesting document from DEFRA.
There is a significant point in the table on Page 16:   

"Cohort slaughtered for human consumption due to fraudulent use of ear tags or passports ... Not Known".
In 2011, there was a Guardian article on extra restrictions on the movement of older cattle.