CJD: How and when people get vCJD

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YouTube Video

The video aims to list some of the factors that may be responsible for variant CJD.

This video does not try to weight the individual factors.

The factors are: -

(1) Mechanically Recovered Meat. 

The link between food (MRM) and CJD can be seen in the documentary.

(2)  People with sore throats may have been more vulnerable to CJD.  It is possible that there is a link between sore throats and CJD.

(3)  Vaccines may be a relevant factor. 

(4)  Blood transfusions:  There is evidence that blood transfusion can cause variant CJD more quickly than the oral consumption of food (see page 1353 of the link). 

The video shows that people’s genetic type can determine how quickly they suffer from the disease.

The video was compiled in 2009 so the situation may have changed since it was completed.