CJD and Blood Exports

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YouTube Video

A PowerPoint on blood exports from Britain and variant CJD.

The sources for this presentation are from The Guardian see the links below.

1. CJD link to blood Britain sold abroad.
2. British blood products may pose vCJD risk in 14 countries.
3. Blood filter to protect patients from vCJD but only for the young.

Albumin is any of a group of water-soluble proteins found in blood, milk or egg.

Vial is a small bottle, usually of glass, for containing liquids.

A prion is any of a group of tiny infectious agents composed mainly or entirely of protein: though lacking in demonstrable nucleic acid, prions are capable of self-replication and are thought to be the cause of various degenerative diseases of the nervous systems of vertebrates, as scrapie and kuru.
There is now concern that variant CJD can be passed through blood. See a BBC news report (from November 2009) on blood donation.

Also see the blood safety channel on You Tube.