CJD and Blood Exports

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A Video on the Export of Blood Which May Have Been Contaminated 

YouTube Video


A PowerPoint on blood exports from Britain and variant CJD. 

There is now concern that variant CJD can be passed through blood; see a BBC news report (from November 2009) on blood donation.


The sources for this presentation are from The Guardian; (1) CJD link to blood Britain sold abroad; (2); 2. British blood products may pose vCJD risk in 14 countries and (3) Blood

filter to protect patients from vCJD but only for the young.


Albumin is any of a group of water-soluble proteins found in blood, milk or egg.  A vial is a small bottle, usually of glass, for containing liquids.  A prion is any of a group of tiny infectious agents composed mainly or entirely of protein: though lacking in demonstrable nucleic acid, prions are capable of self-replication and are thought to be the cause of various degenerative diseases of the nervous systems of vertebrates, as scrapie and kuru.

Further Information

There is a blood safety channel on You Tube and a long article from the Guardian from 2018 on Britain's contaminated blood scandal.