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Food on the 15th is the recipient of
The William Donald Schaefer
Helping People Award from
the Maryland Comptroller, Peter Franchot. 
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No minimum age to volunteer!

Voice of America tells the world about us

Learn about Food on the 15th in this video
by award winning filmmaker, June Soh, of Voice of America. 

Thank you to all the volunteers in our community who make Food on the 15th so successful. This wouldn't be happening without each of you!!

Our student and adult volunteers collect donated non-perishable food and deliver the groceries each month to low-income older adults in Howard County.  Anyone of any age can volunteer as long as their parent or guardian are there to supervise them. 

Food on the 15th
is an award winning program that literally operates on $0 overhead.  All non-perishable food are donated and people volunteer their time to collect, sort and deliver the food to low-income older adults in Howard County.  We have been in existence since 2006 and, using our $0 overhead model, have delivered over 50,000 free bags of groceries and toiletries to economically disadvantaged older adults at the following apartment complexes:
      • Morningside Park Apartments - Jessup, Maryland
      • Tiber Hudson Building - Ellicott City, Maryland
Around the 15th of each month Food on the 15th brings in healthy, nutritious, non-perishable regular and DIABETIC foods for economically challenged older adults.

Our Motivation
Hundreds of low-income older adults in Howard County don't have enough healthy food to eat.  Our program participants often live on social security checks, which often run out by the middle of the month.  Yes Howard County has food banks, but transportation and physical limitations make it difficult for older adults to get to food banks.

In addition to helping low-income older adults, Food on the 15th enables students to make a meaningful difference in our community, exposing children to philanthropy and community service at a young age by participating in all steps in the process: promotion, collection, organization, preparation of groceries and delivery.

Summer Deliveries
Over the summer, New Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church on Hall Shop Road in Fulton has supported the program by collecting and delivering food to the low-income older adults.  

Drop off site for non-perishable foods is at Mikey and Mel's Famous Deli, in Maple Lawn located at 8191 Maple Lawn Blvd in Fulton.  Hours: 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily.  Phone:  443-663-3354.  Please no glass jars, ramen or cup-a-noodles.

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