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Protein Powder Kulfi

Prep  time: 30 min
Chill time: 8 hours
Serves: 3

250 ml full fat milk
50 ml cream
1 TBsp corn flour
2 TBsp chocolate flavored Protein powder, plus more if you like it stronger (or use any drinking chocolate powder like Bournvita, boost etc)
1 TBsp Cocoa Powder
3 TBsp Sugar (more or less depending upon your taste)
4-5 choco chip cookies (optional)

1. Bring milk to the boil, let it simmer and reduce to half.
2. Add bournvita, cocoa and sugar to it and let it dissolve well.
3. In a small bowl mix cornflour with half the cream, till it forms a thick paste.
4. Add to the milk mix and add the remaining cream to it. Stir till the mixture thickens.
5. Check for sweetness.
6. Add some crushed chocolate chip cookies (optional)
6. Scoop into kulfi moulds. Freeze for at least 8 hours before serving with some melted bournvita bits

  • If you don't have Kulfi or Popsicle moulds, fill a plastic cup with the mixture and cover it with aluminium foil tightly. Freeze for 8 hours.
  • Slowly loosen up the edges with a knife and tear away the plastic cover.
  • Serve with chocolate sauce or some bournvita bits.

Note: The milk reduction will helps keep the crystals in the kulfi/icecream away.