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Cook Pasta in Microwave

You'll need -


Water (around twice the amount of Pasta)

Microwave safe bowl


Salt & other seasonings (optional)

Method - 

1) In a big microwave safe bowl add enough water to cover the Pasta. (usually twice the pasta shells i.e for 100grams of Pasta, 200-250 ml of water)

2) Heat the water in the MW for 1 minute

3) Add salt & other seasonings (optional)

4) Add the Pasta shells

5) Microwave on high without the lid for 7-9 minutes (longer depending upon the amount of Pasta to be cooked)

6) Filter out the water. Run cold water through the pasta & filter that out too.

7) Keep aside & use as required


> You can use the same method for almost any kind of Pasta.

> To check if the pasta has been cooked, take a spoon & scoop out some cooked pasta. Let it cool a bit. Then press it with your fingers. If they mash properly, then they're done. (if they mash too much, you've over-boiled the Pasta. Stick to the time given as much as possible)

> Serve with sauce of your choice.