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Prep Time: 20 minutes
Fry Time: 1 minute
Makes: 30 pooris

Wheat flour - 6 cups
Salt - to taste (1 teaspoon)
Carom seeds - 2 tablespoons (optional)
Water - to knead (2 cups)

How to make
1. In a mixing bowl, take the flour, salt & carom seeds & mix. (I love the smell of carom seeds. You can skip it)
2. Use water carefully to make a dough. The should not be too soft. If you use more water, the Puris may be too oily when you fry.
3. Make small balls out of the dough & keep closed.
4. Heat some cooking oil in a kadai / deep bottomed pan. I have this small wok I use. This ensures that I don't take too much oil & then waste it!
5. Take a ball of dough on a flat surface. Take a rolling pin & roll it out into a small disk shape.  (You need not use flour to roll out coz the dough itself isn't that sticky. It is hard)
6. Slowly, drop the Puri into the oil. (If using a bigger pan with more oil, you can drop more Puris together)
7. ( If the oil is hot enough ) It will puff and rise up.
8. Let it be in the oil on both sides for a minimum of 10 seconds at least. If you like it more crispy, keep longer.
9. Remove on a tissue paper & serve with curries