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Eggless Sponge Cake

All purpose flour - 225 grams (1 cup)
Condensed Milk - 400 ml (1 can)
Melted Butter - 100 grams (1/2 cup)
Baking Powder - 2 tsp
Baking Soda - 1 tsp
Yogurt - 4 Tbsp (I used vanilla flavoured Yogurt)
Milk - 200 ml (3/4 cup)
Vanilla Essence - 1 tsp
Powdered Sugar - 2 teaspoons (optional) (since condensed milk is sweet in itself)

1. Preheat the oven to 200°C
2. Grease an 8 or 9 inch baking pan. (Don't know how to grease a baking pan? Click here)
3. Sieve the flour, baking powder and soda bi-carb (Baking Soda) & powdered sugar together. I added extra sugar because of my sweet tooth. You can skip the sugar if you want.
4. Use a hand blender or a Spatula or a wire whisk to thoroughly mix the butter & condensed milk together.
5. Add vanilla essence & the yogurt and again beat it until you get a smooth mixture.
6. Add one fourth of the flour mixture to the butter-milk micture & beat it. Then add a little bit of milk and beat agai. In this way, keep pouring the milk & flour mixture alternatively until the entire flour mixture is finished.
7. Make sure you don't pour a lot of milk. The whole mixture shoudn't be too liquid-y nor to sloid-y :P
8. Pour the mixture into a greased cake tin. Bake at 200°C for 10 minutes. Thereafter, reduce the temperature to 180°C and bake for 20 minutes
9. Insert a toothpick into the cake. If it comes out clean, your cake is done. If not, bake for another 5-10 minutes. Keep checking with the toothpick every 5 minutes!