How to make white rice

How to make White Rice shared here by Get in my belly!

Follow these ingredients to make two 3/4 cup servings. 


-3/4 cups Water
-1 tbsp Corn Oil*
-1 tsp Salt
-1 cup Rice
*can be substituted for you preferred oil 

1. Combine Water, Oil, and Salt into Caldero and bring to a boil. 
2. Add rice. Stir. Bring heat down to Medium Heat. Let boil until water no longer visible. About 5-10 min.
3. Build a mountain with rice. Cover. Bring to Low-Medium Heat. Cook another 8-10 minutes. 
4. Serve and enjoy.

Tips for MUSHY rice: If the rice looks mushy or sticky it means you used too much water. To fix this, pump the heat a little higher and 
"crush" the mountain, and cook uncovered for a few minutes. This will cook off some of the moisture. If this happens you must be careful 
NOT to stir the rice too much (this will make it worse).
Tips for HARD rice: If the rice is still hard (not fully cooked) add a few ounces of water and cook a few more minutes covered. This is 
adding moisture and should soften the rice. Be careful not to add too much water and make sticky rice.

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