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foodies+: <<<< your corner bistro >>>> a Google+ community

This is the "Bulletin Board" for the foodies+ community at Google+

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Welcome to Foodies+

Our community is growing fast and we need your help to keep our standards high & the conversation flowing.  As with communities in the real world, there are several customs, rules & etiquette that a new member will have to learn & adjust to.  This takes time & some effort so we have prepared some notes to help you out.

- Please COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION here: http://goo.gl/EdGp9 (this is mandatory: you will be removed if you do not complete these steps)
Post your photos here ONLY: http://goo.gl/UwTAA
Why was my post removed from Foodies+? here: http://goo.gl/Vsb5j
How to meet people & have fun in Foodies+http://goo.gl/6jXHc
Table Manners for New Foodies+ Membershttp://goo.gl/TLQ42

SPECIAL EDITION: Here you can read posts by our top contributing members (real yummy!): http://goo.gl/aJ7uV

- If you use android, iphone & ipad, please subscribe to our Foodies+ Magazine. Details here: http://goo.gl/Zca6W
Labs: Trying a recipe posted by another member? Tag it with #labsatfoodiesplus & mention the member's name & recipe (click here for examples: http://goo.gl/jiIYD)
- Interlink: Posting a similar recipe with another member?  Try interlinking your recipe with theirs.  Details here: http://goo.gl/DXgrC
"Let's cook together": if you have good friend here already, try cooking together with them (here: http://goo.gl/ziaAM)
- learn about our SPECIAL EDITION here: http://goo.gl/p620R
Why do we need foodies+ and food blogs in the age of wikipedia & googling?http://goo.gl/cgm9J)
How to promote your food blog at foodies+http://goo.gl/4bQe2

CAUGHT SPAMMING? Read this: http://goo.gl/8mmDc

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by foodies plus
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Author: foodies+

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