Food for Poems

Most of these are going to be self-generated questions.  If you have something specific you'd like to know -- or if you have questions about recipes -- feel free to either leave a comment or send me a message at foodforpoems [at]

Q.  What's the short bio?
A.  My name is Becky.  I grew up in Florida, went to college in Tennessee, and went to grad school in Texas.  For the time being, I live in Connecticut.  I had never set foot in the state until we flew up to find an apartment and still consider New England life pretty novel.

Q.  How and why did you end up in Connecticut?

A.  Husband's grad school.

Q.  Isn't it
A.  Yes, always.  Punishingly.

Q. Do you have any culinary training?
A. No, but I have been an avid cook and baker since I was very young.

Q. What about literature?
  Does your opinion mean anything?
A.  I have a BA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing with a poetry emphasis.  This does not guarantee that my opinion means anything.

Q.  Does that mean you write poetry?

A. Yes, but I don't intend to post any of it to the blog ... I prefer to gush about other writers in public.

Q. So what do you do for a living?

A. I am a grant writer/administrator for a university.

Q.  How old are you?

A.  Old enough to remember most of the 80s but none of the 70s.

Q.  What about your passions informs/enriches your life? (from lo
A.  Just about everything, I think.  My passion for cooking and baking helps me take pride in everyday accomplishments and enriches my day-to-day life.  My passion for literature and the great works I have had the privilege of studying is grafted into my personality at this point -- I don't know how people who don't love to read and write can ever have survived the tumultuousness of adolescence or the frustrations and indifferences of young adulthood.

Q. What do you look like?
A: (picture taken on vacation in Thessaloniki, Greece, November 2009)