About Us

What We Do

The problem and our mission
Hundreds of people in our community are struggling to get adequate food and nutrition.This may be due to unemployment, homelessness, ill-health, or high food costs, but whatever the reason, Food for All of NC is dedicated to ending the mass food insecurity in our community by regularly providing meals to those who are desperately in need of food. 

How we seek to solve the problem?
We are a network of helping hands. People from churches, civic associations, and local neighborhoods have been working together to end hunger in our community since 2005. 

How do we do it?
Our approach is simple: small member groups prepare unique and healthy meals, and deliver these meals directly from their cars at designated times and locations Monday-Thursday each week. 

Who do we seek to serve?
Any families or individual people who are in need of food can receive Food for All meals by arriving at any of the designated locations and times stated on our calendar. 

Join us!
Free meals are served
Monday thru Thursday
6:00 pm – 6:15 pm
In the Parking Lot of
Fairview Baptist Church
660 Cornelius Street (Rt. Hillsborough, NC 70)