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Mango Shortcake

2 cups sifted cake flour (or 1¾ cups all purpose or plain flour )
½ cup sugar
¼ tsp salt
3 tsp baking powder
1/3 cup butter or margarine
1 egg
2/3 cup milk

To serve:

1 large or 2 medium mangoes, peeled, stoned and cubed

100 ml whipping cream, chilled + 2 tbsp sugar


Sift dry ingredients together 3 times. Rub butter into dry mixture.

Beat egg, add milk to egg and mix.

Mix egg and milk mixture into first mixture very lightly.

Put in lightly greased 8 inch square pan and bake 15 minutes at 350 F (175 C). Let cool.

Whip the chilled cream with the sugar, until it holds soft peaks.

Slice the shortcake, and then slice in half horizontally. Put the cubed mangoes or any other  fruit between layers. Top with more mangoes/ fruit and whipped topping.

Recipe from: http://foodfootballandababy.blogspot.com/
Author: Michelle Peters - Jones
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